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Name | Version: Makenoise 0-coast Panic CCMod 0.0
Author: schlam
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Hello,

This M4L device for the 0-coast just add a Panic Function by CC. It can be useful for stuck notes when you don't-want/can't hold the PGMB button (beers in hands etc...)

This little patch allows to send a MIDI PANIC message to the 0-coast within Live.
The trick is simply to send 2 quick "Latch" message.

In my setup there is a lot of stuck notes with the 0-coast (I don't know why...).
I only use it with a midi guitar, so, when both hands are playing, it is very useful to be able to perform a Panic Message with a footswitch or whatever.

I tried with [midiflush], [flush] and by sending a zero for each notes...nothing to do.
The stranger was that sending a zero for each note without any sound, created stunk notes.... confused

So, with this button :

- All "note off" are sent even if the Arpegio is not running.
- It doesn't change the arpeggio mode (normal/latch)
- It can be assigned to any CC.
- No more need to push the PGMB button of the 0-coast and, so, leaving the PGM-Menu.


(I only use MaxMSP. I know that building a M4L has to follow some specifics rules to work..., maybe the function above is not working at all max it's ok..
let me know...
I don't have Live, maybe changing CC for ModWheel is already really easy in Live.. I dont't know =)

If not :

-- Set the CV or Gate Sources of a channel to "mod", then choose a CC number in the numbox.
You should now be able to control CV and gate of the 0-coast with anything..

-- CC#1 returns to the "real" ModWheel.

Don't forget to press 2 secondes de PGMA button before using this patch.

I hope it will be useful for some people.

For information; l'm not linked at all to Makenoise and I'm not responsable for any damage bla bla..


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.3
Date Added: Jan 14 2018 23:20:23
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2018 10:44:07
Downloads: 337
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: 0-Coast +v0.0.amxd

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