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SimpleGroove MIDI Delay Version 1.0

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Hey thanks! Glad you're getting some use out of it!

I really like these SRR devices, very interesting! Thank you :)

thank you. and I agree, retrigger by note on would be really useful.

No output for me either

Excellent! I've been wanting something like this, thank you! :)

Fantastic, thank you

HI, I just bought Dispatch and it's a fantastic device, thank you so much!

I have a couple small feature requests I hope you consider for a future update -
*could you make the Matrix & Grid buttons mappable?
*also can you set them up so one press opens the pop-up windows and a second press closes them?

Thanks again for a superb device :)

Great device, I'm getting some cool sounds out of it!

If you decide to do updates, here's a feature request to consider - simple envelope or crossfade controls to help minimize clicks. I like a lot of what I can do with this already, but being able to attenuate the clicks would let you get some cleaner results and expand the range of sounds you can get out of the device :)

Hi, the download URL doesn't seem to be working

Another great device! 5 stars :)

Yup. I need a demo video before I'm willing to drop more than a couple bucks on a M4L device... looks promising though

Oops, just noticed the video link haha. Very nice! Purchased it :)

I'm interested! But need to see evidence of how well it tracks before purchasing. Demo video?

Thank you!! Just what I needed :)

Hey man, just purchased this and gave it 5 stars :) Haha I haven't even had a chance to use it, but I've got several of your devices and they're all great. Cheers!

super simple tip, but I thought it might be useful :P

Hey zaSLON,

I just bought the new version and it's great! The new features add a lot, I've been wanting something like this for a long time now.

Also, here's a handy little trick to use the smooth control as a "pitch envelope"

* 'midi through' chain is empty, allowing midi to go to instruments that may be on the channel

* 'note follower' chain is off, so it doesn't interfere with "midi through'

* the 'fake pitch envelope' sub-rack contains Ableton's Pitch midi effect, and a simple midi delay, found here -

* place Note Follower device inside the main rack, but after 'fake pitch envelope' sub-rack

* by offsetting the pitch and delay time, the pitched note will hit first, followed by the delayed note.

* As Note Follower triggers based on last note priority, the smooth parameter will create a contour between them, i.e. fake pitch envelope

Hi, just bought it and it's a great device! Feature request: allowing the frequency range to go into negative numbers so I can use it to track Ableton's frequency shifter/ring mod for tuned audio rate modulation. That would be amazing!

hi, great device here! one thing that would be a big improvement imo is if customized mapping ranges saved within a set. I tried saving and loading this in a set, but it returns to the default. Being able to save presets would be awesome too. cheers!

this sounds awesome, I hope you make a PC version!

Actually, no worries! I tried your other version of this, the AS40 device, and it's working in Live 10 just fine :)


So I tried this out in Live 9, and it's working excellently. Super useful! But I would be eternally grateful if you could update the remote script (and device??) to work with Ableton 10!

Excellent device, thank you! I've been needing something like this for a long time :) Works great for being able to control a parameter that's already mapped to a controller with dummy clips from a different channel!

so the video is of version 1... what are the new features?