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Name | Version: Sometimes MIDI 2.0.1
Author: hmay001
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Provides three ways of gating incoming MIDI notes.

PROBABILITY: set the % chance that an incoming MIDI note will play.

SEQUENCE: each midi trigger steps through a sequence of note on/note off events which can be distributed in various ways.

TIMER: gate incoming MIDI based on a timed cycle.
(e.g. accept incoming notes for 20 seconds every minute)

v 2.0.1 updates:
- fixed bug where Sequence and Timer modes were blocking Live's undo/redo.

v 2 updates:
- replaced Counter mode with new Sequence mode. Works the same as Counter if you choose the 'Beginning' distribution but gated notes (now called 'Events') can also be distributed in other ways (End, Euclidean, Random) and the sequence Rotation and Direction can also be controlled.
- fixed bug where device couldnt be duplicated

As always, let me know if any of this doesn't work as expected!

Previous versions can be accessed here if I've missed anything super buggy or your project is looking for a specific version:

v 1.3 updates:
- note off messages are always received. Greatly improves the playability of all modes by limiting hanging notes/ reducing the need for Flush.
- Device Sync for the timer mode which allows multiple devices to follow the same timer cycle and share controls. See Ableton info text panel for more details.

v 1.2 updates:
- flush for probability and counter

v 1.1 updates:
- mode selection and parameter values are stored with live set
- mode change does not reset parameter values
- counter and timer cycles are reset on live transport start
- basic 3 bank ableton push integration
- redesigned mode switching/gating

future updates:
- transport sync mode for timer so that open/closed time can be set in beats and notes played on transport start don't sneak through.
- fix track name color when syncing two devices in Timer mode.


Live Version Used: 11.3.21
Max Version Used: 8.5.5
Date Added: Aug 16 2023 12:59:49
Date Last Updated: May 24 2024 07:56:16
Downloads: 528
License: None
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Device File: Sometimes MIDI.amxd


great update!
great device!:)
thank you
thank you for the update hmay001! love it!
Thanks guys! Glad you like it. More updates soon :)
Thanks for the share, hmay001!

Besides that, LuckyCola888 is just a spammer promoting casino crap.

SPAM is getting massive on nowadays.
And they don't offer a proper way to report it, other than a silly 1995-ish "mailto" button which requires an email client.

Maxforlive could easily switch to platform like Wordpress (selfhosted) to avoid spam more easy and let members be able to just click a comment or profile to report it in a single click.

this midi fx is exactly what i was looking for. thank you very much for your work and for sharing it with the community :)
hi hmay001! i love this device and i use it a lot, was wondering if it's possible to add an offset parameter on counter so that it can play 2nd, 3rd, (or whatever note) every x note... is it doable? useful? i'm using an audio delay effect to do this but i think an offset would be practical
Hi enchse, sorry for the late reply but I think the new Sequence mode will do what you're looking for. If you set the distribution to 'Beginning' it works essentially the same as the old Counter mode did, but now you have the 'Rotation' parameter that will offset where the note-on message occurs in the sequence. Let me know if it does what you were hoping!
that's great!! it's more than I could have imagined and hoped for. Big thanks!
No worries:)
Loving this!! Particularly the Euclidean mode. But it is filling the Undo cache (not sure if that's the right term.)
Cheers Giant Ear, I'll look into it some time this week. Is that an error message you're getting or is it like you can't undo anything else in Live when using this device?
Hi hmay! i can confirm that you cannot undo anything when using this device in a project. Still i'm using it all the time.. if you can fix this, it would be great! thnx
Hey guys, sorry for the delay on this - undo/redo should be working now but let me know if you spot anything else!
You did it! Thanks very much!!

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