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Thanks for the share, hmay001!

Besides that, LuckyCola888 is just a spammer promoting casino crap.

SPAM is getting massive on nowadays.
And they don't offer a proper way to report it, other than a silly 1995-ish "mailto" button which requires an email client.

Maxforlive could easily switch to platform like Wordpress (selfhosted) to avoid spam more easy and let members be able to just click a comment or profile to report it in a single click.

It does not work as it should if i'm correct.

1) The locator bars on top does not work.
No matter how i set the locators the plugin keeps playing from step 1.
When i draw the locator bars i.e. between step 7 and 11 (4 steps) the plugin keeps playing step 1 to 4 (4 steps) while it should play the notes, velocity, slide, gate data from step 7 up to step 11.

2) The "generate" button on the right keep randomizing all parameters (pitch, velocity, slide and gate.
The "generate" button on the right in this way has 100% the same purpose as the smiley face on the left.

See screenshots:


Tons of FREE alternatives to download, just to name a few:

And many more.... :)

Beware @landonoftheguitar makes patches that already exist and charges money for it.

$4? lol

Many free download alternatives here.
Just to name a few:


Thanks Dennis.

(The amount of spam here on Max for Live is getting out of hand lately, and there is no decent way to report, only via an 1998-style "mailto" link to report from an email client WTF.)

Fixed. Thanks!

There is no way to add the subscriber coupon in the cart.
Forced to input an amount above $3 and give credit card info or paypal login.
Maybe you have to set a fixed price instead of a variable price???
I don't know, anyway i am not able to use a coupon.

F8 Window:

Thanks Dennis.
I always wondered why Ableton does not implement all the features of the F8 Window (press F8 in Reason and you know what i mean).
Very useful to randomize, alter, flip MIDI notes backwards (mirror) or upside down.

Is there a demo video?

I try to understand what is "unique" to this patch compared to just using Ableton's own Envelope Follower to trigger/control stuff.

Youtube error: video of v3.30 demo has been set to private.
Can not see it.


39MB for a simple patch???
What's hiding inside that .amxd file???

BEWARE: After many days i can say this guy does not send the device after i did what he asked:

"Dec. 2022. Promocioal purspose, share the publication on your stories or Feed and Name Monotale Instruments and then we weill send you a copy of the patch."

This is just spam as you will not receive what he promised.


"Dec. 2022. Promocioal purspose, share the publication on your stories or Feed and Name Monotale Instruments and then we weill send you a copy of the patch."

So i did, but where to download it???
Still waiting for the link.

Is every parameter MIDI mappable?
Especially the humanize part is important for me.

If you use Sendowl as payment processor people without Paypal and CC can buy it too.
Similar to Gumroad.
I can simply use my bankaccount.

@halfman73 i agree same story here.

By the way there are multiple other similar free patches:

Here a few:

"GMaudio Ducker is the only sample accurate side-chain tool for Ableton Live"


Duck Buddy is FREE: