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Name/Version: Morphiner 1.3
Author: opticon93  
Description: Hi,

This device spectrally convolves two samples. The samples are loaded into modified "More Simpler" devices, each with 5 note polyphony. Most of the controls are self-explanatory and should be familiar from the "More Simpler" device.

Midi Note controls the pitch of both samplers. When Stretching is off, the Pitch is changed by speeding up/down the sample, like a record player. When Stretch is on, Pitch and Speed are decoupled, so you can slow it down or Speed it up, without changing the Pitch.

Each sampler has a 12-24db Multimode Filter with a dedicated Filter Envelope and a dedicated Amp Envelope.

You can transpose either sample up or down 2400 Cents.

Dragging up and down on the waveform window allows you to zoom in and out.

Many of the knobs have a higher resolution than what is displayed. In particular, the Start, Length, Cutoff and Speed parameters go through more values "under the hood" than what are displayed. Consequently, when you are using the arrow keys on your keyboard, it might seem like nothing is happening, but it is. Use Shift + Arrow Up/Dn to go faster.

Because I use Start and Length, you can scrub through the file just by changing the Start knob, instead of needing to adjust Start and End values separately.

The Rev button works in the same strange way that it does for More Simpler. Not quite sure what it is doing.

The Normalize, Up and Down buttons modify the volume of the loaded sample in a permanent way.

The Morphine object has two controls. The Morph control is similar to a regular crossfade mixer, but it really is different and hard to explain. It's kind of like this. When the Morph is at Zero, any frequency bins of the first sampler that are above 0% (all of the nonzero ones) will be used in the resynthesis. Meanwhile, only the frequency bins of the second sampler that are above 100% (none of them) will be used in the resynthesis mix. The end result is that you will only hear the top sampler.

If the Morph is set to .25, then the frequency bins of the first sample that are above 25% (many of them) will be used, while only those bins of the lower sampler that are above 75% (some of them) will be used in the resynthesis. So, you will hear a resynthesis biased towards the top sampler. Like I say, difficult to explain.

All I can say about the Scale control is from the helpfile: "The progression depends upon the exponential transition Scaling value. Larger values widen the transition space between the two sounds." I have no idea what this means, but it definitely has an effect.

Share and Enjoy!!!

Simple Update: I added a Track Title at the top. Just hit the Open button again when you rename the Ableton Track.

Just to make sure people know, I already made the envelopes 60 seconds long


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Downloads: 478
Tags sampler
Live Version Used: 11.3.4
Max Version Used: 8.5.3
Date Added: Jul 08 2023 02:31:45
Date Last Updated: Jul 21 2023 23:45:32
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Morphiner 1.3.amxd


First observation, the device disappears everytime you click to go through your sample browser. That's not a good thing. Modify it to stay open while finding samples.

Ok. So you can't drag a sample to it as it closes when you choose the sample.'s not functional.

I was able to drag a sound in by moving live to half screen and morphiner to the other half. When samples are loaded, no midi input triggers sound.

Thats pretty much how floating windows work with max for live devices. Its not closing them, it is simply bringing the Live window to the top. The device needs space of its own to remain visible.

If you can't hear anything, you need to make sure you are running the most recent version of Live. Several max objects got updated and only run in the newest version.

Max 3 installed 4/18/23

Odd with the visibility as none of my other max devices disappear behind the DAW when dragging samples into them. It looks like a cool device. Just trying to provide constructive feedback to help.

I was able to minimiize live to get the samples dropped into the device but no audio. My live and max are up to date

I can't wait to try it but I'm in the same situation as the others: no audio :( I hope it's an easy thing to fix. Live 11.3.4 Max 8.5.4

Thats pretty bizarre. I've tried it on two other computers with no problems. It would be helpful if somebody could report any max messages from the max window.

this message maybe? "fftz.morphine~: fftz.morphine~: No such object"
sorry i'am a complete dumb on the matter. and btw thank you for sharing your devices!!

But??? What??? The whole point of freezing a device is so that it includes all the externals.

I put the morphine object up on Google Drive here

After you download it, put it in you Max folder, probably at Documents/Max 8.

If that doesn't work, I guess I'll need to rework it with regular old spectral convolution like with my FM Convolver and Grain Convolver devices.

Let me know please.

just found out that same file was already inside Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices/Morphiner Projects/externals
Should I put it somewhere else?

You just need to make sure that it is actually in the Max path. The top level directory should work. You can check your path by opening the device for editing and then going to Options, File preferences

If not, I'm just going to scrap the whole thing.

The path seems correct, don't know if someone has been luckier than me, but I couldn't make it work unfortunately.

Don't scrap it. It's a good start. I just can't trigger the samples.

Well, I went and created a Project for the device and Consolidated the project and then Froze the device. It said it added the fftz objects, just like before. Its very confusing, because Max For Live devices are already supposed to be projects and Freezing them is supposed to add the required files.

Hopefully this new version works.

Please Let me know

Just quickly tried it and came back here to say: it's working!! Thanks so much!

Wow! Awesome, Thank you!

It works now! Just try to get the device to not disappear behind Ableton and you have a winner.
I'm also confused why transpose moves in 38 step increments instead of 1 like usual. Very odd.

It's a cool device and worth developing.

Hi, I figured out how to get it to stay on top. Hopefully, the rest of it still works.

Are you on a Mac? For me, Transpose goes in 1 cent increments.

Yes. Catalina/Live 10.1.4 suite
I checked the last update. If I transpose -1 it goes -38.

The device is staying on top!

I can manually enter transposition to any number. Just the dial is moving in 38

I'm on Live 11.3.4 and transposition goes by 1cent if using the keyboard arrows and 38(ish) with mouse. Not a big deal for me. Happy to see the device staying on top! thnx

I'm playing with it for a few. Is it possible to extend decay and release to the same ms/s as say Simpler, 60s? 20 is a bit short

I was manually adjusting trans w mouse. I needed +5 so i just entered it.

Ok. 60s Envelopes.

You can get smaller increments when mousing the knobs by holding the shift key.

Whats up with M1 support ? :=)

Sadly, it won't load for me. Error says one of the externals isn't compatible with Apple Silicon. Looks like it's fftz.morphine~
Any chance we could convince you to re-compile that binary?

Hi, it includes the latest versions I can find for both mac and win. In the comments above, you can find people who have it working on macs. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about how to compile binaries. Don't really know anything about macs either.

It took about five years of waiting just for the 64bit Win version of FFTease to appear in an obscure forum post on the Max site:

They mention that it should be easy to compile the binaries because there is an "xcode" file in the github here

I don't know that much, so I really don't know how to compile a mac program on a windows computer.

Thanks for the quick response!
I do t know much about it either but I?ll take a look at that Xcode resource and if I can figure it out then I?ll let you know.
Thanks again for your work!

Someone on cycling73 took pity on me and directed me to some updated externals, so I chucked them into Morphiner and it's working beautifully on Apple Silicone / MacOS! I also edited the UI so it works in the Live chain.

Thank you for a great device, @Opticon93

Thats awesome. Thank you. Do you have the link to the other externals? There are a lot of FFtease objects and they are all pretty fun.

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