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Name | Version: Combine Sequencer 1.0
Author: TRNR
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Combine is an esoteric sequencer implementing techniques common to modular synthesizers.
It consists of a master device with separate pitch, octave, velocity and duration sequencers whose output is send to all slave devices in the project. Here those free-running sequences will be combined when an activated step is hit resulting in an inter-connected meta composition.


- Master device with separate sequencers for pitch, octave, velocity and duration
- Global control over root note and scale
- A range of selectable pentatonic scales
- Clock divider and length control for all sequencers
- Slave device with 8-step sequencer, chance per step and transposition control
- Unlimited number of slave devices per project
- Chord generator with up to 4 notes and spread control
- Switches to locally toggle master sequences
- Note and velocity monitor
- No midi routing necessary

See it in action here:


Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Dec 16 2022 13:50:59
Date Last Updated: Feb 22 2023 14:03:41
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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This looks cool. Is there a video of it in use some where?
i agree. :)
20 bucks for this and no video. great!
You can see it in action here:
very sweet! what would be an awesome feature: ability to transpose the root by incoming midi note on master.. as well on the send devices: a % chance for each of the triggers. but it looks and sounds like a lot of fun already.
oh, I see it already has the second request I made .. chance per step! sorry ;)
Thanks for the feedback. Transposing the root note by incoming Midi notes is a great idea! You could get similar results by automating the root note parameter but it'd be a workaround for sure. Right now it's not really equipped to do proper chord changes that well but I see how that would be a requested feature, especially because of how limited Ableton's Midi routing is.

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