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It reminds me Polyplex, well done!

thanx! but no sound is coming out of the 3 devices shared. Last Live 11 v on OSX

hello again!
Live crashes again when adding Seasick then Stranger Grain devices.

Hi, great device!
& thanx a lot for all your knowledge, experimentations trips and myriad of presets and devices shared here or on your great YT channel.

with note a chance 1.2, I get crashes after playing with it a few mins. Just with a setlive with operator and note a chance 1.2. Tweaking some parameters and bam! ciao ^^
Under last Live v11 (note beta).

When I recall the setlive, after the bug, it works for a bit of time then again crashes.

Quite cpu intensive (around 6% cpu) for just a midi device & operator with just 2 osc running without filter running, and just velocity mod on OSC volB.

with just the operator running I got just 2% cpu (the note chance is off) then make the chance device on spikes too 6% cpu sometimes. Anyway this not just about it, off course.

When turning off the warble it spike now until 4% cpu. Re enable it & tweak it a bit = live doesn't crashes (yet? ^^) cpu spikes to 7% now.

Seems stable now, will try to add some devices and stuff.

Cheers and be bback asap.

20 bucks for this and no video. great!

I can't agree more.

An explanation/"in situation" video would be better to have a better understanding and feedback of this device, before any purchase.

What a nice device! Thanx a lot to share this great tool, works like a charm here.
Here is a way to update it in a way of having an "automatic"switch when we are changing between groups on the Master. For example when I want to change the gain on grp B and I 'm on Grp A I need to click on Grp B on the 2nd Console Pal to 'listen' the changes . hope its enough clear ^^


An other Gem is shared here! Thanx a lot man for this really promising tool.

Wow! What an amazing tool you've shared here! Hats off.

massive sound
massive thanx

Damned!! Love your devices mate ^^

You can put this great filter on any track, really. It just add the thing missing. You can even (obviously) use it to remove unwanted 'meat" of the sound. It remember me the famous Peak Shelf Morpheus, back in the days ;-) Well this device is a real gem (as loads of encoderaudio stuff) to help sculpting your sound and add spice to it, definitely! Couple with few lfo, miam! m2c

This is a pure gem here! I encourage ev' who likes sound design & more, to dive into. Worth the money!


Very nice sequencer! Would be cool to get a Re-SyncMaster instead of catching all windows at once (Live purpose in mind ), and of course still having all re-sync button for each windows ofcourse.

yeah! fantastic ! this is what I've looking implemented for since ages. Thanx !

wow! very interesting device. Thanx for this man !

Thanx man, nice share :)

25$ for this is too much, man. This synth (as cool as it seems) without any fx circuit(s) and more modulation...
Trying to surfing on the "vintage hype" is not a really good point (this is what I see here, sorry) With all the vst plugins out there and cross platform and not stucked to Ableton Live.

You are not alone in this case here, unfortunately.

why a Patreon s***t? too bad. This isn't like this you will be supported for your work man.

Why a Patreon s***t? too bad.

Don't like the Patreon thing. I prefer to choose to buy &/or subscribe.

Indeed! thanx a lot man

Well, this a good device. The poly rhythmic and randomness available are great. But the gui is not really easy to use.
You should try to update it in better way to fit it in a 'lil tiny cool box than a long and not handy one.
Check the encoderaudio devices to see what I mean, 'cause 25 bucks, the device should be in better shape. M2c

Hi great initiative, would it work with Nord Drum 2, by any chance?

Any detailed infos would be greatly apreciated. Even on the web site, it's a bit shorty … Thanx

Where I have to install pm-ladder-moog-ladder-filter ?

Seems really interesting and sounding great, remember my
Monomachine Mk3 in some ways... great work !