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oh! this looks just like the playground I was wishing for... :)))

my goodness. yes, truly...
i am sorry for the confusion ;)

brilliant idea! will try this :)
any chance for paypal on your page?

yeah, excited to test this. thanks for the share!

very much enjoyed. sounding great, but same as with the other device, the knobs allow not to modulate.

hi, thanks for updating to Windows... unfortunately not able to automate / modulate any of the controls.

enjoying it so far! sadly, as soon as I start modulating controls it crashes the set within minutes or so.

a few typos on GUI^^

it it based on Grids? is it MAC only or WIN tooo?

I think, I fixed the problem myself by checking/unchecking a few boxes in the MAX editor of the corresponding elements (stages and channels...) LOL. Not sure exactly how but now it stays as it should...

Good device!

Might still be worth looking into, if you get back someday, others may run into same problem.

Neon Breath. You should do yourself a favor and get sonusdept*s ERIS suite. If you like this device you will love them too...

hi. this device causes a strange problem for me under Live 11.

each time a set is closed and then re-opened, Survey resets to its inital values of 6 Channels and 4 Stages, thus removing all my previously mapped information for channels 7+ ...

please, pATCHEs - if you are here - check if you can fix this problem for this otherwise supercool tool!

I would indeed get those, if you could add PayPal as a payment option... :)

some kind of modificators (mod-able) like rotate and scramble notes ... that + internal scale would really make the device shine. just an idea. cause the initial idea is nice and appealing!

nobody is listening here it seems. well, will go with Smart XL then. not as colorful but at least they respond ^^

lots of fun! thanks for making these :)

Hi, any way you could add PayPal to your shop for those of us who have no credit card option? cheers!

Thanxxxx for that, xxxx74! :)))

maybe you can add PayPal on your gumroad directly? I tried to donate with the link above for 3 devices but PayPal does not let me continue.