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About TRNR: Waveform manufacturing and machinery
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Kickster Version 1.0
ChannelStrip Version 1.2
Hatster Version 0.11
Hatster Version 1.1
Hatster Pro Version 1.1
BitEcho Version 1.02
BitEcho Pro Version 1.02
RetroSampler Version 2.2
Combine Sequencer Version 1.0
ChannelStrip Pro Version 1.2
RetroSampler Pro Version 2.2
Mecki Version 1.0
DmmG Version 1.0
DmmG Pro Version 1.0
Atomizer Version 1.0
FrenchPump Version 1.1
Duckling Version 1.0
Triplex Machines Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 926

Comments by TRNR


Not yet but I'm working on it!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm actually developing a successor as a VST plugin which is even more refined in terms of the resampling engine. But it's obviously incredibly time-consuming to write in C++.
I'm gonna announce a Discord server soon where I'll be giving out Beta versions (I assume you're in my mailing list, otherwise just drop me a message on my homepage:

Thanks for the feedback. Transposing the root note by incoming Midi notes is a great idea! You could get similar results by automating the root note parameter but it'd be a workaround for sure. Right now it's not really equipped to do proper chord changes that well but I see how that would be a requested feature, especially because of how limited Ableton's Midi routing is.

You can see it in action here:

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm happy to announce that Hatster has been updated (mostly quality-of-life updates), and that I have released a Pro version with additional features: