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and thanks for the fix and adding the little extra.

would be cool to add a manual randomisation function to it..
Or even a function to randomise every user defined number of bars..?


That version works..


I can see midi going into the device, and midi will pass through if the device has been turned off.
However, no midi is being transmitted by the device it's self.
I have tried hitting the init button, and no luck there either.
Both of your other devices, Melody Euclidean by Chords and Melody Euclidean by Scales, work great with no issues..

I can't seem to get this one to work.
All the others do what they are supposed to, but not this little fella..

Live 11.. OSX 11.2.3

Happens all the time for me down here in the antipodes.. crawl out of bed.. make a to see if there's any cool stuff going on.. then miss out on the promotional freebies because all you northern hemisphere dwellers have taken advantage of your time difference. No worries.. I'll be grabbing this on payday.

Loving this. Would be very cool to have it recognise the populated cells in a drum rack if possible.

Same as above OSX10.15.1 with the lates Live. No out put, no patterns.

Are these externals only available if you pay the subscription over at Ircam?

the linkie no workie...