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Name | Version: LoadeR - load devices with shortcuts 1.3
Author: Crampe
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Ever wanted to quickly insert an Eq8, an Operator, an LFO or even a VST from a keyboard shortcut, a midi controller, or even your smartphone/tablet thing? That's what LoadeR's for!

Unlike other similar M4L devices, you don't need any extra setup or script or grouping devices (ONLY vst2 need to be grouped/racked. Live can save Au and VST3 plugins as .aupreset/.vstpreset, which are files recognized by LoadeR.) to be able to quickly load your favorite devices into the selected track without ever opening Live's Browser... just press the shortcut you assigned to a device!

You can simultaneously use as many instances as you want, so you're not limited to the 12 slots of a single instance.

LoadeR also works with Mira/MiraWeb (with the included LoadeR Mira version) so you can use your touchscreen thing too!

Live9/10/11/12 with Max8 required.

Release notes:

v1.3 (sept. 2022):
Quick fix to adapt to some changes in Max8.3.2

v1.2: you can now choose where a device will be loaded in the chain relative to the currently selected device

v1.1: now m1 compatible


Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 18 2021 04:58:37
Date Last Updated: Jun 04 2024 20:27:13
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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This is it, finally I can bypass the useless grouping stage. Thank you
Great plugin but just so people know the description isn't 100% accurate. You still have to group/rack VST plugins for this to work. Your shortcuts have to be in accessible in a .adv file. Similar to "Shortcut Buddy".
Hey Audiojet,
It's mentionned in the video demo and in the manual, but it was missing from the device's page, and it's now fixed, thanks!
Audiojet, I wasn't precise enough:
ONLY vst2 need to be grouped/racked.
Live can save Au and VST3 plugins as .aupreset/.vstpreset, which are files recognized by LoadeR.
Great device.
Seem to be getting a duplicate device when clicking on a slot.
Cheer for the device.
Hey Atari,

That's either because you've tried using multiple instances of the free Lite version,
because you're clicking the slots with the mouse which is not what the device is intent for!
It's specifically designed to work with shortcuts, and since buttons in M4L have never been made to be used as shortcuts it needs workarounds... which interfere with mouse clicking.
I see. I was clicking with mouse. Cheers for clearing that up for me.
Cheers :)
@Atari, indeed!
You gave me the idea of making a floating window version, that you could keep around all the time and use with the mouse.
But, hey shortcuts are queens!
amazing! bought (along with bip and clip gain- so great!). hope you don't mind me hacking this one a little to accept program change messages (for swapping out full instrument racks during live performances)

also - you mentioned 'other similar m4l devices'. which ones are those? im looking for something like this for an older 32bit laptop (but still super capable) laptop - live 9/max7.
hey offthesky

Sure, hack it, it's M4L!
LoadeR definitely works on L9 (64bit)/Max8, but no idea about Live 32bit, did you try already?

For other similar devices, you can check Flowstate's Browser Mapper or Shortcut Buddy (from Noir Labs I think) but no idea if those can run on Live 32bit either.
found out unfortunately no 32bit support beyond max 7. and sadly no patches afaik do this kind of thing for abes9/max7 anyway. perhaps its time to bite the bullet and upgrade the live performance rig. anyway, thanks again for the excellent patches!
Hello, hope everybody's well.

I am using the latest Ableton Beta atm and I'm wondering if there are any plans in the future for the plugin to be natively supported by the silicon chips.

I believe this would be absolutely wonderful and would love to recommend it to my group of friends if we get to see it working in the silicon versions of Live as well.

Kind regards
hey stefanroscovan,
a silicon version will be released as soon as possible, but it's not totally up to me.
The sooner the better but atm I can't give any deadline.
This is such a nifty device, thank you for making this!

However, I can't seem to figure out how to get a websocket address through LoadeR Mira (on Windows 10, Live 10/11, whereas I'm trying to use Touch Portal as a controller on my Android device). I've tried clicking on the "Get MiraWeb connection address" button several times and nothing shows up 🤔

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙏
Hey TruthOrDarren
Did you check LoadeR's user guide? There's a detailed explanation of how to set this up.
Hi Crampe, I have updated the external. It should also work on Apple Silicon now.
That's an awesome news 11olsen!
Hello Crampe, thanks a lot , I just bought LoadeR and so many new possibilities and problems solved, for my set up !!!!!!! great

I was wondering if it can be easily possible de launch app (external apps or automator apps) from it ? I see when you drag an app on it (macOS) that the device save the path, but no launch...

by the way It is so useful for Ads/adv and also ".Als" files !!

Thank you
Hey Lorenzzzzo
It's not the purpose of the device (and it's not going to be), but you're welcome experimenting with it ;-)
Great Plugin! I`m happy with it.
I found Just one bug.
It is impossible to load a midi clip on a channel, both .alc and .mid files in arrangement view. Clips are failed to load, nothing happens.
In Session mode alwys with midi clip new track will be created with drum rack.
Thank You!
please free
Hello ! I Tried the Device But i want to use it on midi tracks and use it to swipe midi racks ? When i try to do it , it adds midi rack on the right ...and add another rack on the right of the new rack etc ... or am i missing something ? i use shortcut not mouse... ;) . Still , it's already great for instruments and it works flowesly !!
Thanks !
The device has no option to swap a device (you can use Live's hotswap feature though).

It's not expected that a new device will be created and added both to the right AND the left side of the selected one...
Are you sure LoadeR is sitting in your Master track (or a dedicated "Utility" track)?
Are you sure you don't have multiple LoadeR instances which don't have the same "insert position" setting?

Love the device, but I am experiencing a weird issues. The left part of the device - the first 6 slots - are working as expected, but the right part is not working properly and the plugins/devices in the slots of the last six slots are not saved if I save it as a preset or have LoadeR in my default template.

If i fill up all the slots the ones on the left are working but the right are not, and if I press the edit-button it opens up in edit mode but the devices in the slots on the right side are not visible in the edit mode.

At the moment I just use the left side of two instances, but I'm wondering if there is a fix.

this just popped up for some users since the L11.2.10 update.
Which OS are you using?
The solution is to download the latest Max standalone on Cycling74's site, and then set is as your M4L "runtime" in Live's Preferences.
Sorry for the hassle, not my fault! 😉
Hey man thanks a lot for this amazing plugin! it has really changed my workflow a lot! Unfortunately I got the same issue with the right slots not saving properly. I see to use the M4L standalone I have to pay so is there any different solution on the way? Best wishes Johannes
no, you don't have anything else to buy,
read this article that'll explain more precisely the steps I described earlier:

Love this plugin!! However, I have found a bug. I've found that LoadeR causes Ableton to crash whenever "Load new device:" is set to anything other than "Last" and you try to load anything onto a track that doesn't have a plugin selected.

If those conditions are met, you can't load anything, regardless of if it is in LoadeR or not.
I can't reproduce, and it's actually the 1st time I'm hearing about such issue.
Are you on Win or OSX?
Could you contact me via email, so we can sort this out?
Just answer to your Gumroad receipt and it'll go straight to my emails.
@Crampe I bought LoadeR a while ago, so that receipt is long gone haha, however my email is "gladboimusic @ gmail . com" without the spaces!
Same issue here with the right slots not saving properly! Is there a known solution? Thanks.
Sure there's a solution, and it's provided 6 comments above ;-)
I'm copy/pasting:
"this just popped up for some users since the L11.2.10 update.
Which OS are you using?
The solution is to download the latest Max standalone on Cycling74's site, and then set is as your M4L "runtime" in Live's Preferences.
Sorry for the hassle, not my fault! ?"

But it's been fixed since then in Live because its bundled Max has been updated.
Just update your Live version to the latest one and you'll be fine (or follow the instructions above if for some reason you want to stick to an outdated Live version).

Sorry, I went through the posts too quickly! THANKS.
Unfortunately, the device stopped working today. 3 days ago it was working and today it doesn't work. Ableton Live 12.0.1
Will there be a fix ? I just can't work without this device. Thank you !

Everything is still working as expected here. I guess you'll have to question what changed on your system between now and 3 days ago as I'm unfortunately not equipped with a crystal bowl at the moment (I heard there's a shortage on the production line)

was small Windows 11 update, but i dont think its beacause of the updates. I have both Ableton versions 11 & 12 and on both are not working. Other M4L devices are working without issues. I dont know what could have happened.
Could you email me please, it'll be easier to communicate. It's really something on your end, I've not other report about this. Since you updated Windows, it's possible that you lost what's inside the device if you opened it up and unfrozen it at some point in the past. But let's email (you can find my email on your receipt)
@Crampe Is it possible to load a plugin in different positions, is this what "Last/Left/Right" is for? Like if I click inside an existing rack and trigger a shortcut, it'll load inside that rack? I'm having limitations with other tools that want to load on the far-right instead of where the cursor is.
Yeah, that's what the left/right/last selector is for, i.e to the left/right of the currently selected device, or last to always be inserted as the last device of the current chain.
Hi I love this device, unfortunately plugins/devices aren't loading from it after upgrading my Mac which is on the latest OS (Sonoma) on M3 Max
@Raisingwolwes, can you email me please so we can find what's happening. I didn't have any other complain, so this is something on your system, no doubt about it.
Just answer to your gumroad receipt and it'll go straight to my inbox.

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