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Reminder Version 1.2
Random Simpler Demo Version 0.8.2
Parameter Randomizer by 11olsen Version 1.0
AutomatedClickPro Version 1.0

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I'm currently finishing the new version. sorry I can't remove the download without adding something new.

new version coming very soon! see device pic, please do not download the old demo anymore.

seems very useful. can't wait to test it

Yeah, I took it down because it wasn't working anymore on Mac. Hope to re-release it soon.

Hi Crampe, I have updated the external. It should also work on Apple Silicon now.

I'm sorry. Website will be up again next month.

No problem, I'm sending it to your e-mail now.

Hi, the device seems to work as expected (incl. keep-button). What do you mean by "keeping device active"?

It works like this: you switch on "temp", now randomize paramters as often as you want.
Then you can switch off "temp" to recall the state before OR press "keep" to quit "temp" without recalling any parameters.


I'll take a look.

Tested it, it's opening the synplant by itself to know the position of the UI. I have a cool mouse automation object that could replace the java part of xanadu's approach, but it is still not something you would use while producing (you can't use the mouse while automation is running). You could use a dedicated computer for synplant and then use it like an outboard gear. (don't think anyone would do nowadays).


Hi, cool device. To bring some movement into the synplant sound while it's playing. I think xanadu tried something to automate the Genes. Have to try that device again. I think he did a dirty hack with mouse movement automation. used your device here together with random seeds:

Hi, of course, you still have the permission.

ok, i'm gonna add an audio device version but remember, the target device doesn't need to be on the same track as the randomizer.

device now ready for max 7...

thanks for the hint. that is easy to update.

wtf, don't take this last comment to serious. Sometimes it's frustration the other day it's 100% motivation again. ;) And it's not even true, you can include the current sample of a m4l device into the "Collect all and save"-process with live.drop (as I found out meanwhile).

v 0.6
The device now offers a little browser window to select any subfolder to be included. This is a huge step forward in terms of usability. Select a group of subfolders from totally different locations to form the basis for the random selection. Furthermore countless improvements under the hood. Please check out the changelog.
Max 7 is required.

That would all be no problem if ableton provides a way to assign samples to their devices without using drag n' drop or hotswap. That would open up a lot of possibillities for experimental sample management.
Even the way i choose here (to build a m4l device like Simpler) was full of big stones. Not even a sample in a buffer can be saved with the Liveset. It feels like they don't want u to build complete integrated intruments other than synthies with m4l. It's like give them something to play but make sure nobody can build better instruments (samplers) than the provided factory devices.
Sorry, some frustration after years of hitting the wall.

would be cool to just have a slider instead of 2 dials.

Nice one! This is the true panning. And a good psychoacoustics lesson.
You will probably not hear it in a club if your not standing in the middle of the dancefloor, doing your disco moves.

Hi, maybe you missunderstood. You need to drop the folder in Live's browser on the bottom-left corner, not on the device. this is why the device's places have a refresh button.
But actually you pointed out an important thing: it should be possible to simply drop folders to the device. At leats from lives browser because a folder from there is definitely already indexed in the database. I'm trying to implement that in an upcoming update.
Now follow the link and buy it ;)
No seriously, the longer you (extreme) test the demo and it's stable, the lower the chance that you'll be disappointed with the full version.

Hey, drop a folder to Live's Places and it will be available for selection in the device..

And if i remember correctly, ableton has the same "try witout saving" option.
that means anyone could try a m4l device at home without paying anything.
he just won't be able to save Max-patches or Live-projects.

@M4L I think you got it wrong. afaik max 7 is free for everyone to install and use. Only saving will be disabled until you pay.

Of course, use it wherever you want. I have been thinking about a device that analyses what the user is doing in Live and starts to give productivity tips but i'm a bit afraid of the complexity of such a device. maybe someday ;)

I tested it on windows and mac osx but if you still notice abnormalities don't hesitate to contact me.

regards, O.

I'm doing an overhaul of the device.
And it will be tested on mac osx. I think tomorrow you can download. Thanks for reporting.

Windows or Mac? The device is build to save any changed interval or message as default and should use that the next time it is loaded. that seems not to be working for you.

i'll take a look.

cool, but seems not to map to the crossfader..

as you deal with realtime input, ahead notes are not possible. sorry for bothering. i missed the purpose of your device

jep, you should say "random delay" because all your time domain parameters are adding time. jitter for me is a two direction thing and would create early and late notes. best regards O.

i also spent some time thinking about humanisation. your device is missing a time jitter on notes which will be present in a human groove. but still good idea.

i'm currently working on a poly note repeat that will allow seperate settings for every note. it also offers humanizing groove features. i upload it in a bunch of days. would like to have your feedback on it. O.

it is a hacky thing. i once tryed a similar approach to control Live's Sampler startpoint dial remotely(which is not midimapable). i like the synplant vst very much since years and it's a shame it is not fully automatable. do you know the hack to make "randomize seed" and "clone the selected branch" also midi-assignable? if not contact me, i'll send it to you. contactolsen at gmail.. seem that we also share the love for the launchpad, do you patch on mac or win?