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When press 'Open' the window is empty/no keyboard display.

The keyboard keys work as the regular Live layout. (Not doing the trick)
No octaves.

Running on Silicon.

No video?

Recently bought it and it's awesome!
All I would request is a rhythm/note-length probability as a chance between 1/32 /, 1/16, etc...


This device has everything. I just wish for a future update to use jit.Window for the waveforms for better resolution. 🙏

What pan laws are you using with the device?

The device only plays the first chord and goes silent over the next chords. Can you please fix this

Forgot to add: an oscilloscope view with kick and bass signals added together. for a "bowtie" (once mentioned by Fox Stevenson).

Thank you for this update, really is what I was asking for! I even tried to build that myself but unsuccessfully.

Maybe a suggestion for a future update: A multiband version with slope options. Seen your work on the multiband compressor device you built so it shouldn't be too hard to add.

Keep up the good work!

It doesn't seem to load grooves. Can you please fix this?

no sound:

"poly~: no patcher sub_hardclip"
"poly~: patchcord inlet out of range: deleting patchcord"

Great tool to explore.
Can I edit the notes inside?

Hopefully on the next update insert a free rate as option?

This is it, finally I can bypass the useless grouping stage. Thank you

Can you introduce a video showing how it works? So I see the why I would implement the device on my workflow before spending the buck. The manual doc. doesn't share much .