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Name/Version: Duck Buddy - OLD LINK. SEE DESCRIPTION 0
Author: Slynk  
Description: This device has moved and will continue to be updated here:  

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Downloads: 11264
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.9
Date Added: Mar 24 2021 00:49:17
Date Last Updated: Oct 04 2021 22:19:44
Average Rating (12) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Duck_Buddy.amxd


Insanely clean and way easier to use instead of setting up compression. A++++

Awesome! It was on my to-do list; it's not anymore :-)

One issue: the Depth knob on Push isn't bound to the actual knob on the device. I haven't open up the device yet, though, but that'll be a quick fix.

Also, it'dbe nice to disable the "is_mpe enabled" attribute as it's an audio device and could confuse people to see "MPE" in the device title bar. ;-)

Thanks for your comments Crampe. We have addressed those issues and are getting ready to drop a new version with a bunch of new features!

Great device, and thanks!

[Bug] If you group or ungroup the device, it looses its Input routing. Any way to fix that?

That bug only happens if your input is after the first x # of tracks, so it must be related to the bug you're already aware of.

Suggestion for creative use: Can you make it so that we can manually manipulate the length of the duck by how long the midi note is sustained or held down.- pretty pls.? Also, the ducking is not responding when I use a device that converts modwheel data to notes.

a built in track delay for the midi input would make this extemely using pro c 2 and the click is insanely harsh unless i set up a slower not sure how ableton delay compenstion works but it would be a huge feature to add

This is so far the best solution for comprehensive and quick sidechain ducking i have used. Its Clean, it's quick and it just works. And its even for free. So really thx alot to Jarlyk, Iggylabs & Slynk!!!

With v0.3 I experience the behaviour, that the device looses input Routing (or more preciseley it redirects the input routing to another track) when I move the Track, from which I take the input routing. It seems the redirect of the input routing goes to the track with the same number index from which the original track has been moved.

anyway you can make this available fro live 10 users? looks fantastic!

Thank you !

This is SO amazing - 100% the cleanest SC i've ever used. BUT - there must be a memory leak or something because it just chomps my memory until there is no more. I've got 32GB on board so it takes a while, but when it gets there my whole system goes down - anyone else experienced this? I've isolated it to this device, when i remove it the memory usage stops going up. Bummer!

Pls let me know if there's anything i can do to help debug and resolve the above, if it's happening to me it must be happening to someone else too! - more than happy to help.

@tomekn I'm investigating the reported memory leak. If you use Discord, that's probably the best place to collaborate on tracking it down, but I'll see if I can replicate it locally. This is the first report I've heard of it, but it's possible folks just haven't run long enough sessions to notice.

Yes it's a great device !
Bug I have an anoying bug.

If I press one of the menus of the "big view" : Live shuts down immediatly..

Windows 10
MAx 8.1.11


By menus do you mean the analog source selection for the external signal? I definitely haven't seen this issue before, though we've been running on Live 11.0.10. If you don't have a reason to stay on b5, I'd suggest updating Live, as it's possible that will fix the issue. If you'd like to follow up on this issue further and you're on Discord, that's probably the best place to reach us.

Hello, nice plugin! I noticed some bugs though.
Evey time i open a project it`s like it loses the latency compensation and i have to set another lookahead value to "resync" it.
Also over time the whole graphic display of the envelope section begins slowly to drift to the left and i have to open again the project to fix this issue. Full screen mode slows down the whole system a lot!
If these can be fixed it`be a very handy plugin.
I tried the 2 latest ableton 11 betas including the 11.1 and still the same. Using win 10.


Thanks for the bug reports. I'll look into these issues this weekend. The full screen performance issue is a known problem, as the live.scope~ controls are a bit demanding in terms of resources when running at large size. I'm working on a custom graph control to improve performance, but might take a while to get it implemented.

By graphic display of the envelope, do you mean the shape editor on the main plugin view? That's a pretty weird issue, if so. I'd be curious if you run into a similar problem with other M4L plugins using the shape editor, like Shaper. If so, there may be a bug in Max that impacts your system in particular, possibly video driver related.

Hey guys!
great work!
But I also have a bug here. Maybe it's me and not the device?

I can't route my sidechain anymore unless I use the fullscreen - but even then it's not sidechaining anymore. The only thing in the "input" row I can choose from are MIDI Channels??

Am I using it wrong?

Thx for help


So, my "analog source selection" doesn't work anymore. No matter how often I delete the device and reinstall it.


I think maybe there's a misconception about how the device works? Duck Buddy is designed for triggering based on MIDI notes; it doesn't trigger based on audio. The audio input is provided for visualization to see your ducked signal in the context of another signal, but it's not used for triggering.

Since it's been a popular request, we're working on a new plugin, Duck Call, to generate midi notes from an audio channel so that Duck Buddy can bind to them. Let me know if I've understood your problem correctly; the best place to reach us is over Discord, but I do check here periodically.

oh haha...

So, it was me then.
Okay got you!
Thx ;-)

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