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Name/Version: Swatches 1.0.0
Author: pATCHES  
Description: Make your Live sets beautiful.
Swatches offers one-of-a-kind tools for managing the colors of your Live set’s tracks and clips. Set colors based on the track name for easy visual grouping and distinction. Limit the palette of your clips for a more inspiring look. Impress your collaborators with extra organization and polish. Take professional screenshots and captures.

Swatch army knife.
Swatches’ many modes can be applied in many different ways to suit your needs. You can work on a macro level by applying your selected mode’s color rules to all tracks, or all clips, or all everything.

Alternatively, color on a micro level by key-mapping the Apply buttons and choose what to color on the fly. Clips’ Toggle mode let’s you do this automatically, whereas Tracks’ Latch mode monitors your tracks and applies changes when needed to keep consistent with the rules and palette you set up.

Device Details

Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.9
Date Added: Feb 23 2021 23:23:33
Date Last Updated: Feb 23 2021 23:23:46
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


game changer! ty for your work.

you forgot to mention it's a commercial license, it's 5$.

Wouldn't it be more handy if it had a floating window?

This is very handy. What would really put it over the top would be applying the palette to a selection of tracks or within a group.

Is it ok with ALS 11 ?

I second @musicdud2001 - that and / or even ecluding certain tracks with certain characters.

Would also love to be able to define the different Names color patterns.

Otherwise great device!

I love this device but....

Is there a way to apply the same random colour to the selected track and it's clips simultaneously using a shortcut?

....that would be amazing!

The device does not allow you to colour selected tracks, limited selection - apply to all tracks and clips? or everything.

When clicking match on clips - Clips do not change to tracks colour. You can?t highlight multiple tracks or clips to colour them.

Also a floating Window would be amazing! Because let us be honest you can actually right click and get the colour menu easily.

Plug-in is a novelty if above glaring issues are not addressed

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