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Name/Version: VLM.Turbulent Sequencer 2.0
Author: vulume  
Description: Periodic colored noise based sequencer for monosynths.

Demo video
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Github for the TypeScript and C code


A very tweakable deterministic random sequence generator where all parameters are automatable.

It uses FFT and distributions to generate a sequence, so everything is repeatable. You can save the device as a preset or with your project and it will load up the same sequence. Automate a parameter to generate variations of the sequence throughout a track, or map it to an LFO to make infinite slowly evolving ambient sequences.

- Set the length and seed for the random sequence. The sequence is reused for tones and dynamics.

- "Beta" sets the color of the noise. At 0 it is white noise (a note has no correlation with the next note). At 2 it is brown noise (the next note is never far, but still random). At 1 it is pink noise (a mix between the two). Higher than 2 will let the periodicity constraint dominate the noise. At 10 there is no more randomness (seed doesn't matter).

- "Period" sets the periodicity constraint of the FFT filter. It can be set as a percentage of the sequence length, and snapped to a whole number step count. This is best explored with "Beta" up to 10. It has no effect when "Beta" is set to 0.

- "Morph" rotates the complex-number sequence from which the sequence is pulled.

~^~^~Tone generation~^~^~^~^~^~

Tones are generated from a distribution of octaves and notes in the octave. It is kind of like a probability distribution, but there is no more randomness at this point. The filtered noise sequence is mapped to this distribution.

- With the piano you can easily filter out notes without losing the distribution. The shift and rotate knobs make it more playable.

- Can also be shifted with MIDI input (center = C3).

- Set a white-keys only scale and steep distribution curve for the first ever meaningful mode-based random generation. Ionian and Dorian actually sound different! There are actual tonics!

~^~^~Dynamics generation~^~^~^~^~

Dynamics are generated in a similar way. The sequence is split in 3 resizable regions which can be assigned Rest, Tie, and/or Accent.

MIDI input velocity is taken into account when in MIDI clock mode.


The resulting MIDI loop can be seen in the piano roll. Long notes tie to the next. Purple colored background notes are accented. Hollow notes are rests. "Fold" shows only possible notes, "Span" shows all from lowest to highest note.

The MIDI loop can be nudged left and right, and start and end points can be set.

There are 2 playback modes

- MIDI clock: Step on midi note input. Very tight and allow the use other MIDI sources and Live's groove pool etc. Resync on Live play. Prefer this option if you use MIDI note shifting.

- Live Sync: Sync with Live's clock. Sloppy but has timeline sync. Prefer this option if you automate other parameters.


The zip contains the .amxd MIDI device and a project with presets with ideas for acid house, chords, minimalist music...

Initial release.
Fixed js dependencies.
Ported to Java.
MIDI input.
Nudge/start/end loop controls.
Ported to C.

Keywords: generative algorithmic parametric step sequencer fourier transform bassline slink

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Downloads: 1898
Tags sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Sep 15 2020 21:51:29
Date Last Updated: Feb 05 2022 14:59:25
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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Device File: VLM.Turbulent


Hiya - seems the pictures and .js weren't frozen into the patch, so they are missing.

looking fwd to trying it!

OK this is EPIC

really insane - sequencing the parameters gets solid results, saving set will save the sequence, soundings insane when routed to a 303. secret weapon for sure.

for a "work in progress" that`s quite an amazing tool already!

- rotate the sequence (nudge it left/right) of notes

I got a synth that seems to not register the note off even on untied notes. Probably something to do with the synth. It works great with others, but this one seems to want shorter notes - which works when using a note length device. Can probably just adjust the note length with a quick edit.

^ took a look at the live.step node and anyone interested - you just bang "left" or "right" to move the note pitches

Hi @hatyn, you'll be pleased to learn a new version is underway. It will not have simple nudging buttons, but a rotation parameter so that it can be automated and the other parameters can be adjusted while the rotation is kept. Offset start and end positions are also to be added.

I've also ported everything to Java, so it's much snappier.

It has Midi clock so it can groove with Live's pool.

If you're interested to beta test please send me an email, find my contacts in my profile. I'd like to solve your note off problem, let's talk about that.

Just tried it again with the TT303 and the issue must have been the Ties that i didn't fully understand before. Works great, so nevermind. Will shout if I find something weird I might have noticed before.

Hi there, intrigued to try this but I don't get any output going to the included rack (or if I use an external vst etc).
Downloaded the latest version here also don't see the images as in the screenshots ? Any tips appreciated. (win 10 latest Java / latest live)

@nev101 It is a Java issue indeed. Other people have had it and it's unclear what solves it. See the Reddit post for some ideas:

My guess is that Max looks for the JRE, not for the JDK.

Thanks, suspected may be the case. Have added JRE into paths in max but no joy yet. Will have a play with a few more things.
If I get working will report back.

No idea what its doing but I like this.

hi! it doesnt work on m1 in silicon mode. guess it depends on java? any workarounds for that?

Hi @discoparadis. It has custom C externals that were compiled before M1 was released. If you are serious about trying to get this to work, message me on facebook (profile) and we can try together. I don't own a mac but I can instruct you.

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