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OctDownFuzz Version 1.1
Eel ringer Version 1.0
Squid octave up Version 1.0
Fuzzcut Version 1.0
Subharmoniclone Version 2.0
SmartFrequencyShifter Version 1.0
Nug Version 1.0
VLM.Turbulent Sequencer Version 2.0
VLM.HauntedHouse Version 1.0
VLM.Subharmoniclone Microtone Sequencer Version 1.1

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Hi @discoparadis. It has custom C externals that were compiled before M1 was released. If you are serious about trying to get this to work, message me on facebook (profile) and we can try together. I don't own a mac but I can instruct you.

Fixed and uploaded v2.0.

Very useful! Should be a standard feature in Push.

@n0ael spartoff never replied, Cycling74 even put me through to him... In any case, I was planning to add it myself soon. Now Live 11 supports MPE I can make a MIDI version of this as well. Send me a message if you want me to get back to you.

@nev101 It is a Java issue indeed. Other people have had it and it's unclear what solves it. See the Reddit post for some ideas:

My guess is that Max looks for the JRE, not for the JDK.

Hi @hatyn, you'll be pleased to learn a new version is underway. It will not have simple nudging buttons, but a rotation parameter so that it can be automated and the other parameters can be adjusted while the rotation is kept. Offset start and end positions are also to be added.

I've also ported everything to Java, so it's much snappier.

It has Midi clock so it can groove with Live's pool.

If you're interested to beta test please send me an email, find my contacts in my profile. I'd like to solve your note off problem, let's talk about that.

@spartoff yes please! Send me a message, contact info is in my profile now.

> Is it possible to make it send MIDI and work as a sequencer for other synths?

Ableton doesn't support polyphonic midi, and since it's a microtonal sequencer the pitch bend needs to be different per note. Either the tones need to be rounded to 12TET and it won't sound as good, or you'll need 6 instances of your synth and lots of wiring. I'll think about it.