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Name/Version: Nube - Texture synthesizer 1.0
Author: cipp0  
Description: Clone of the ‘Clouds’ module by Mutable Instruments

This free MaxForLive device was made using the “vb.mi.clds~” OSX external by Volker Böhm, whom we thank so much for porting the original code to Max-MSP.
I’ve only created a UI for M4L to allow everyone to integrate this tool into their set-ups.

A huge thanks goes to Émilie Gillet, the original authoress of the Mutable Instruments module family, for making the sources publicly available for people to explore, learn and derive new musical textures!

I did it for passion, not for profit, therefore there may be bugs. we will discover them together!

Device Details

Tags synth, effect, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Jun 26 2020 14:30:34
Date Last Updated: Jul 09 2021 14:52:51
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Wow ! Amazing work, super stable, thank you so so so so much !

a UI for M4L to allow everyone to integrate this tool into their set-ups ??? so what else is needed 4 nube lol

Amazing device - Sounds fantastic, very useful and creative tool, especially when modulated by external LFOs - Love it!!!
Full support to BitNet01 & cipp0!!!

Amazing tool! Are you planning any updates on this device?

FYI for any on Catalina follow these instructions to get it working!

1. Run this terminal command on the file: xattr -d [path/to/extern.mxo] (see for details:

2. Make a modification to the max patch by opening up the patch editor and typing into a text box and deleting it or anything else that doesn't modify the workings of the patch.

3. Save it. It should now work.

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