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6. Oh, one more thing, you need to add the external files to your max file path or in the same folder as your patch, or it will only run while the max window is open

Oh i was almost there, got it working on m1:

1. Download this patch and place on a channel in ableton.
2. Download the M1 externals from this link:
3. Unzip externals, open a terminal window and type: xattr -cr [path to recently unzipped externals folder]
4. double click the file vb.mi.clds~.mxo and it will be added to max.
5. the plugin should now run (its missing knobs on my computer but i can still control it using the text numbers)

@cipp0, thanks fo rthis, im super keen to use it but it doesnt generate any sound on my m1. any guidance on how to swap the externals? I found this link to some m1 externals:

in this thread:'-plaits-module-macro-oscillator

when i open up your patch in m4l it says: "vb.mi.clds~: vb.mi.clds~: No such object"

but i cant see any way to add/swap change the external (because im not very good at m4l haha). I have an m1 version of the file: vb.mi.clds~.mxo

hey mate, you might appreciate these tutorials on working with NRPN's in M4L

JuanSOLO, i would like to know the same thing. Something is off/up with using this on rack macro knobs :( If i come up with a solution (guessing I just need to modify some range settings somewhere) ill let you know.