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Name | Version: MultiMapper32MIDI 2.7
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: A 32 dial version of my MultiMapper device with tabbed UI. This is a m4l MIDI device, so you can put this as the first device in a MIDI track.

Map any midi-mapable control to the dials. You can save and randomize presets as well as morph the first four presets with an x/y pad.

V1.5.3: Map button now toggles the mapping window.

V1.7: Added button to toggle the morphing pad. Bugfix: The init buttons are now working as expected.

V1.8: Added Numbox to load presets.

V2: BIG UPDATE! Added curves for each dial, which you set in the "Curves" window. Clear, copy or paste them or clear them all. Added a "Master Dial" for each bank, which turns all eight dials at once. Added a reset button "!" to set the whole device back to its initial state.

V2.0.1: Fixed a bug where the curves weren't saved with the Live set.

V2.0.2 to 2.0.4: *skipped*

V2.0.5: Bugfixes, GUI update

V2.1: The button above each dial lets you set the current setting as an individual Inital value. So if you hit the DEL key on your keyboard the dial resets to this value. Bugfix for "Init" settings. GUI cosmetics.

V2.2: Added Mira support.

V2.5: Bugfixes. GUI updates. The curves now reset to linear.

V2.6: The floating windows now open in the center of the screen.

V2.7: Updated Curves window. You can now snap the points of the curve to a grid of variable size. You can loop the curve over various bars. The corresponding dial is deactivated during loop-mode to avoid interferences. Thanks Tom Cosm [] for the inspiration and part of the code!

Part of the x/y code from XY Send Nodes revised by cosmoddd.

Known issues: Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials and the crossfader can't be mapped.


Live Version Used: 9.7.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Jul 09 2014 15:20:42
Date Last Updated: Jul 18 2017 13:19:53
Downloads: 3984
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Multimapper32MIDI V2.7.amxd


Thank you very much for this wonderfully useful device!

I'm a newbie, but is there anyway to midi map (or otherwise map) the 4 tabs?

Thanks again!
afaik mapping the tab would only change the UI, but not the macro bank. some controllers offer bank switching, if yours doesnt you could look into "user remote scripts" which let you roll your own.

Great device, will be fantastic for controlling an Access Virus Ti with all it's tweakable parameters. After mapping the automated parameters it's working, except that the knob names are not reflected on push. e.g. First knob is called 'Cutoff' and on the push it stays as 'MacroA1', even after switching focus to another device and back again. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible to use on the Push. Any chance of an update to address this?

Thanks heaps, Jon
Hello, great device, at least for what I've had chance to test it. Also noticed the lack of correct label as Jon mentioned above. You can override the problem now by putting MIDI effect rack first, and the mapping the macros of MM32 to the macros of MER. However, some extra effort needed.

But thanks for this already, keep up the good work!
Sorry for not including this information in the description of the device.

There is no way I know of to get Push to display the labels after renaming them.
Nice device. I'm not able to get the x/y working it doesn't seem to effect anything. What am i doing wrong?
Thanks for the tip s2mmel1, but adding a midi rack first would limit you to 8 macro know a again wouldn't it? Kinda defeats the purpose of a 32 knob patch. What a shame it can't be done? Sounds like a feature request for who though? Max or Live?
Hi, can you change the save function so that your Devices export a file with all the settings, controller values, names and presets configuration to a file that can be loaded afterwards in another Multimapper Device? This would be nice for using multiple devices and quickly load complete configurations. Also it would help once you update your Devices to restore "old states".

Can you also change the way your Devices behave when mapped to buttons? I don't like it when Devices turn already on by values above 1... the normal configuration of 64 should work better I think...

Third I'd like to encourage you making your presets mappable to another controller in Live. Preset 1 should be loaded by values of 1-15, Preset 2 by values of 16-30 and so on... This would be cool!

Thanks for this great Device as it is already!
Hi Udo,
Your first suggestion wont work, because the way Live handles the mapping. It's the same as with Midi mapping, which you can't ex- or import.
I don't know how the button behaviour could work, but I will look into it.
Your third idea has been added to the latest version.

Hi, did you check the Device that I've sent you through Facebook? A M4L user has found a way of saving whole configurations. Maybe you coudl adopt this?
Any way to easily swap older versions of this with the new ones without having to reassign and map every thing?. ex (2.0.1 with 2.0.5)
very cool device. thx.

any chance there's gonne be a 2.0 update for the audio version of Multimapper32. really love the editable response curves.
@GlintEye: Your wish shall be granted. ;)
Do any of your mapping plugins allow for a fluid transition from whatever current parameters are set to, to a preset mix, over time? I'm looking to dot hat, but not trigger a clip or transition beginning at arbitrary minimum values per parameter, rather to transition over time from the current parameter values to desired parameter values.
I love the idea of this device. but it's giving me some unexpected results.

my scenario is using the MM32 device to control and randomise samples inside a drum rack. when I save these drum racks as .alc clips, and bring the clip back in the MM32 macros are reset to zero and the sample selector (drum rack macro) is at a random point.

see the image here to explain further:
I love the concept, and started putting it on all my chains. But now it doesn't work, when I turn the dials beyond 50, the mapped controls stop increasing. It's as if the dials only work between 0 and 50 and just do nothing above that.
Hey mothergarage :)
Great Device! So I found what seems to be a bug. I use the 'random' setting in MaxForLive's LFO, to humanize different parameters in instruments and synths. When I use Multimapper to apply a randomized LFO to both Cutoff 1 and Cutoff 2 of a synth, for example, Live starts recording all of the movements of the multimapped knob into the undo history. The undo function in Ableton then becomes un useable for anything else, as it gets filled with hundreds of undos. This doesn't happen with MaxForLive's LFO in the random setting otherwise - only when I use it with multimapper.
You can have a look at mAp++, it's not exactly the same type of device, but you can map several parameters and have presets to unmap/remap them...

The way that Live handle the mapping is here a bit skirt.
You can save and load presets files, automate preset changes...

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