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When I save the TIP device as a rack, it doesn't save the grid of saved presets, so it's useless trying to save presets into the grid in the first place.

I love the concept, and started putting it on all my chains. But now it doesn't work, when I turn the dials beyond 50, the mapped controls stop increasing. It's as if the dials only work between 0 and 50 and just do nothing above that.

Hi, neat little tool !! I never understood why you can't have button rather than knob macros to cover situations for switching racks or devices on or off, so this is super helpful !

It's a max audio effect currently, so I can only insert after an instrument.
It would be 10x more cool if you had a max midi effect version, so I can insert at the beginning of the chain to be able to switch on and off whole racks or devices ...