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m4r Subtractor Version 1.0
RandomBPM Version 2.1
MultiMapper Version 1.01
MultiMapper Version 1.06
MultiMapperCC Version 1.1.2
MultiMapper16 Version 2.0.1
Multimapper32Audio Version 2.7
Multimapper32CC Version 2.6
MultiMapper32MIDI Version 2.7
m4r Combinator Version 1.0
MultimapperXBOX360 Version 0.6
MultimapperPS3 Version 0.3
Tremor Drumrack for Push Version 1.0
Clip Trigger Version 1.1.2
Tap Dance Version 1.2
Scene Trigger Version 1.0
MultiMapperTime Version 1.0
MicroTonicMaxed Version 1.1
Infloat Version 1.3.2
Selected Track Version 1.2
MultiTapper Version 1.8
Buffalo Version 1.0.1
Selected Track Version 1.3.1
RandomSetGo Version 1.1
Track2ProgramChange Version 1.0
Multimapper32MIDI Version 3.0

Total Downloads: 28,862

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Sorry, the only thing I found is this link:

I'll have a look into the sync option.

Thanks for reporting. I hope it is fixed now.

Thanks for reporting. I hope it is fixed now.

@arnou: Sorry, don't have a clue.

@vanKloot: I'll see what I can cook up.

yeah, that works for sounddesign. but what when a clip is playing and you want to change parameters to record them or manipulate them in a live set?

well, I have microtonic sitting in a drumrack (as provided). I find it easier to manipulate each pad this way. randomization and loading of presets are (afaik) not availabe via push.

Make sure you saved "TremorMacros.amxd" to your User Library.

Drop "Tremor.adg" in a track in Live. This is the drumrack containing Tremor.

Open Tremor, which sits on cell C1. Go to the "Mapping" tab as in the screenshot above.

At the top right there is a "Load" button. Use this to load "LiveMacros.Tremorbinding". Follow the instrucions above.

@desved: You can already do that. Load one instance and lcok it to tone track. then load another instance and lock it to another track or let it follow you around.

@rythmhead: According to the LOM (

"Smoothed momentary peak value of left channel output meter, 0.0 to 1.0. For tracks with audio output only. This value corresponds to the meters shown in Live."

@braduro: Done :)

Thanks for reporting. There was a loose cable ;) Should be fixed now.

@GlintEye: Your wish shall be granted. ;)

Hi Udo,
Your first suggestion wont work, because the way Live handles the mapping. It's the same as with Midi mapping, which you can't ex- or import.
I don't know how the button behaviour could work, but I will look into it.
Your third idea has been added to the latest version.


sorry, only windows here. put please report your findings back here for others with the same problem.

I'm not shure if there's a misunderstanding?! The XY pad morphs between the first four presets stored in the 8x8 dot box labeled "presets". It doesnt do anything to parameters unless they are stored with different dial positions.

@Grom: Well, the learn mode is already implemented. Still struggling with the bi-directional thing though, can't promise anything.

@Rosko: Did you store different settings in the first four preset slots?

Sorry for not including this information in the description of the device.

There is no way I know of to get Push to display the labels after renaming them.

afaik mapping the tab would only change the UI, but not the macro bank. some controllers offer bank switching, if yours doesnt you could look into "user remote scripts" which let you roll your own.

I guess you meant to post this on the Multimapper32 page. Sorry, but I forgot to freeze the device (once again). I just uploaded the fixed version, please check it out.

As of now only the values of the macros are stored.

Hi mundakas,

I'm sorry but I couldn't get it to work, as push doesn't update the display.

@mundakas: sorry for the late comeback & happy new year to y'all too.

I'm still considering to add the Push naming feature, but because of a lack of freetime it might take a while, so don't hold your breath.

Currently it doesn't seem to be possible to update the names on Push without breaking automation. This is a limitation of Max for Live and has to be changed on their end.

I guess enabling multi parameter assignment would clutter and slow down the device. But you could use the original Multimap device which comes with Max for Live Essentials and map it's knob to one of the Multimapper16 knobs.

Thanks. Should be fixed now.

I'll see what I can do.

Thanks tripngroove, I'll include this in the next update!


This seems to be a problem with max4live. I could try to layer a textbox over the dial text. In the meantime you could rack the device and map the dials to macro knobs.


Seems to work fine here?!

I asked on cycling74's forum but didn't yet get an answer on the subject of renamed controls.

I don't know why the crossfader is not mapable. Probably a bug in m4l?

And I don't think it is possible to get names of parameters inside each macro. Will investigate.

Sorry for getting your name wrong, Lokua

Wow, thanks Lokus! I'm still a noob what M4L concerns. And a Google search didn't come up with a solution.

Thanks a lot for the heads up!!

So - lek, expect a new version soon ;)

Sorry, but AFAIK the short name attribute of the live.dial object can't be changed dynamically. I could add a textbox for each control though, which you could name yourself, but this wouldn't be displayed with a MIDI controller like push. For the time being I recommend to group the device, map the dials to the equivalent macro dials and name those.