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Name | Version: Selected Track 1.3.1
Author: mothergarage
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Displays the channel strip of the currently selected track in a floating window.

Map its parameters to a controller.

V1.1: Added buttons for Arm, Previous and Next Track. Added Indicator if the selected track is an audio or MIDI track. GUI updates.

V1.2: Added Solo button. You now can lock the device to a track, so it stops following the selected track. GUI updates.

V1.3: Added button to deactivate the meter display. The floating window now opens in the center of the screen. Bugfixes.

V1.3.1: Added Live 10 compatibility.


Live Version Used: 9.7.5
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Feb 02 2018 08:03:47
Date Last Updated: Feb 04 2018 09:58:58
Downloads: 1
License: Commercial
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amaizing tool, very much appreciated!!!
super useful, thanks a lot!
Still a great device.
But i have trouble using it, because it's adding Ableton UNDO-Steps constantly, even if you don't touch any of the "selected track"-parameters.
Also it doesn't take the ARMed status away from previously armed Tracks - although i have ARM set to "exclusive" in the ableton preferences.

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