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May 14

Grainflow Shuffle Granular shuffling effect using the grainflow package (read more)

May 14

Voice of the Uchuu This device is make simple SFX sound with XY pad. X axis Pitch Y axis Modulation OFF - sound off 1 -... (read more)

May 13

Zaps External Synth Tool Use this if you work with external synths that are mixed outside of Live. The problem when doing t... (read more)

May 13

Zaps Session Recording Tools This tool solves a few missing features in Ableton Live that always frustrated me. It does three thi... (read more)

May 11

BPM Reverb Time Calculator The BPM Reverb Time Calculator gets the pre-delay, decay and total reverb time based on the BPM you'... (read more)

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