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Mar 07

Deck of Random Deck of Random (2020) is a Max for Live 4x random source that uses a virtual deck of playing cards t... (read more)

Mar 07

OnOff Emulation Actually this is an 'Instrument' device (it generates sound) AND an 'Audio' device (it processes sou... (read more)

Mar 07

Honest Visualizer Dual folder video sampler implementation in Vizzie. 2 audio filters (LP + HP) placed on any audio... (read more)

Mar 06

Note Wrap Normally, moving notes with the arrow keys can push them out of the clip's loop region. When Note W... (read more)

Mar 06

Round Robin For Sampler Round Robin For Sampler - this is a utility for a sampler, they automatically bind to the "samp... (read more)

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