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Nov 13

Note Trigger Parameter Step Sequencer Based on user 'prebentious' device. (https://maxforlive.com/library/device/129/note-trigger-step-se... (read more)

Nov 11

fgc.DJTransport A number of useful, DJ Midi Mappable Utils, - jump back/forward 4/6 beats - play/pause toggle - Sho... (read more)

Nov 11

fgc.SendToggle Toggle any track's A & B sends from A: -inf, B:1 to B: 1, A: -inf useful to swap a track au... (read more)

Nov 11

fgc.globalQuantToggle.amxd Toggle Gobal Quant from 1bar to None, useful to midi map quantization of a knob onto a button. (read more)

Nov 11

MIDI-Trigger-Record A Midi device that triggers Ableton's global record at a particular threshhold. Designed to emulat... (read more)

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