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Jun 12

MFB Tanzbar PresetMod Just to help someone in the forum who wanted to add preset capability to this original device from s... (read more)

Jun 10

Simple Latch An update to the Simple Latch with an extra Status, showing if there is any midi data currently bein... (read more)

Jun 10

2RulePictoGramIns1.4 Spectrum modifier by using Image. -Drop an audio sample to the left -Drop an image to the right It ... (read more)

Jun 08

8x Sends To Tracks Just to help someone in the forum who was looking for a way to have 8 controls on each track column ... (read more)

Jun 08

EUCLIDIATOR - Euclidean Arpeggiator Yet another Euclidean rhythm generator! It’s distinctive characteristic though is to be combined h... (read more)

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