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Keep Follow On Version 0.5
Parameter Rotation Version 2
Flip Sustain Version 1.0
Auto Flush Notes Version 2
Renumber Scenes Version 1.5
Pitch Rotation Version 0.6
Directional Scale Version 1.0.1
Slice Notes Version 2
Reorder Notes Version 1.0
Metric Modulator Version 1.0
Selection Filter Version 1.0.2
Pitch Stepper Version 2
Monophonic Clips Version 1.1
MIDI Sample and Hold Version 1.1
Note Wrap Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 16,178

Comments by dennisdesantis


Hi Pat,

The Live 11.1 beta was announced today, and I'm working on a version of the device that I thing should solve all of the compatibility issues with Live 11.

If you're testing 11.1 and would like to try out the updated version of the device, please let me know.


Hi markusschloesser,

Unfortunately, it's not actually possible for me to update this to be completely compatible with Live 11 yet. The "older process" referred to in that warning dialog is the only way to affect the selection of notes. The updated method for working with notes supports MPE, but it doesn't allow note selection to be managed.

As soon as it becomes possible for me to update this, I will!


Hi Drewskee,

I wonder if a better solution for this particular case would be to use multiple instances of the device, rather than one mapped to multiple parameters. Since the device also passes the raw MIDI note, any additional instance further down the chain will create a different random value.

What do you think?

And one more bug...I think the Phaser rate knob is non-functional. The Feedback control seems to work, however.

Oh, one more request: it would be nice to see values for the various parameters (especially the synced delay time, envelope/LFO amounts, etc.)

This is really well done. Excellent work.

One bug and two requests:

- sometimes, the HP branch doesn't work after instantiation. It seems to "wake up" after adjusting the sequencer a bit, but before this, it outputs no sound at all. The BP and LP don't have this issue.

Request 1:
- in the Reason version, it's possible to disable the individual filters, but still leave the rest of the chain active (meaning the gate and all of the effects.) It would be great to have this option here.

Request 2:
- in the Reason version, some of the built-in patterns have longer sustained passages where the gate remains open. It would be nice to be able to reproduce this, perhaps using x0x style ties.