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Name/Version: Note Triggered Modulator L12 1.0
Author: dennisdesantis  
Description: *Note: this device only works in Live 12 or higher. For older versions of Live, use*

This device is a variable-length parameter sequencer that advances one step each time it receives a MIDI note.

Each of the eight steps can be toggled on or off. Disabled steps are skipped.

Up to eight parameters can be modulated, with independent scaling per parameter.

version 2
Dennis DeSantis
February 17, 2024

v 2 (February 17, 2024)
- added support for true modulation of parameters, allowing for them to still be manually controlled, automated, etc.

v1.2 (January 22, 2024)
- the min and max controls are now mapping targets and can be automated

v1.1 (April 29, 2023)
- added randomization controls for values, toggles or both

v 1 (April 24, 2023)
- initial release

This device is inspired by two earlier Max for Live devices:

Note Trigger Step Sequencer 1.0 by Prebentious

Note Trigger Parameter Step Sequencer 2.0 by dfodel

Known issues:
- If a MIDI note or computer keyboard key is mapped to Reset Now or the randomization buttons, every other press of the key or note will be ignored. Mapping this button works best with a footswitch.
- Live’s automation can’t represent triggering a momentary button. In order to automate Reset Now or the randomization buttons, it’s necessary to automate turning it on AND turning it off.
- When automating Reset Now or the randomization buttons, it’s necessary to place the automation slightly before the time when you would like it to occur.
- At extremely fast tempos or when changing meters, the Reset every x functionality may not work reliably.

Device Details

Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 12
Max Version Used: 8.6.0
Date Added: Feb 17 2024 14:18:28
Date Last Updated: Feb 17 2024 14:18:49
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None


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