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About sleepcycle: I make music under SLPCYC (aka sleepcycle).

I also like to discuss about Max for Live devices that I've come across and used.

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Great idea but I can't see to get audio to pass through when the max device is enabled. Here's an example:

Let me know if I've got it set up wrong. Thanks!

Just downloaded it and about to give it a try. But before I do, kudos to making a device that breaks away from a boring GUI. Thank you for sharing this device to the community.

I might be doing something wrong, so I'm looking for help on troubleshooting. When I insert the device before Analog, I map the first mappable selector to the Filter Cutoff on Analog. I play it back and no audio comes out. I turn off Vector 1.0 and the audio plays through Analog.

Really awesome device that is instantly a part of my permanent Max for Live library, so much I wrote about it & made a video covering it.

Hey Pigreko, when I load the device, the Macro Controls don't contain any text (i.e. Freq, Wet/Dry, etc).

On the knob for Hold, values 0-63 don't seem to do anything but after the value is set to 64-127 the notes sustain for a very long time.

Neat device, I like Manual -> Next feature on it.

How should this be setup? I insert the device before Analog and play a Chord but no Arp comes out.

Really cool device & I appreciate the guide you provided on your site.

I know its a beta but just some feedback. When clicking to load or save a preset it generates a MIDI signal causing the loaded instrument to play a note.

Well designed device. However, when I feed it audio, the audio input is on a delay, is that intended?

I'm not sure if I have this device set up correctly. When I add the device after a VST or after an Audio Clip, the audio does not pass through. So the workaround is to set up a separate track just for this device and map the parameters from there.

What do the left and right switches do under Octave and Note On/Off? I keep clicking on them but I don't visually see anything happening or a difference in the sound, so I think I'm using them wrong. Any advice?