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ArticulatOR Pro Version 2.3
ArticulatOR Pro Version 4.0
ArticulatOR Pro Version 4.1

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@Torley Yes, I'm glad to hear your helpful suggestion. It's great to know that this feature is already in development. I look forward to the release of version 4.1 in the next couple of days, which will include not only the "momentary keyswitches" but also many other new features. Exciting times ahead!

Greetings! This depends on the instrument plugin or sound library being used, such as Ample Sound Guitar. With Ample Sound Guitar, for example, when you press D#0, it triggers the "Slide in&Out" articulation, but it only applies to a single played note and immediately returns to the "Sustain" articulation.

ArticulatOR Pro's role is to simplify the control of complex articulations through automation. You no longer need to remember various key switches, CC messages, and other controllers. In some cases, multiple controllers may be required to switch between articulation techniques, and ArticulatOR Pro allows for easy control of these articulations.

However, ArticulatOR Pro does not inherently know which specific articulation you refer to as the "base articulation." It is possible to consider adding this functionality in future versions, where you can select one of the articulations as the "base articulation" during configuration and include a switch to enable momentary switches.

Please note that ArticulatOR Pro provides a powerful and intuitive approach to controlling articulations, and your suggestion will be duly considered for future updates.


OK,I fond the way

Keyswitch only?I want to switch different Instrument I loaded in my Kontakt in one track,something like Cubase Expression Map.Is this idea going to work?