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Name | Version: Lyrics Assistant 1.2
Author: DarlingLee
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This is an M4L plugin for displaying dynamic lyrics in Ableton Live. With it, you can achieve the following:

1.Load existing txt files as lyric text and edit or save the content.

2.Use automation to dynamically display lyrics synchronized with vocals.

3.The lyric display area is separated from Ableton Live.

4.The font color and size of the lyrics can be customized.

5.The position of the lyric display area can be freely changed by clicking and dragging after unlocking.

6.The plugin automatically detects the mouse cursor position, and when the cursor is not on the lyric display area, several buttons attached to the lyric display area will

To achieve the best display effect possible, we have created a regular version and a 4K version. The regular version is suitable for devices with a display resolution lower than 4K (we recommend no less than 1080p), while the 4K version is intended for devices with a display resolution of 4K or higher.

这是一个用于Ableton Live中显示动态歌词的M4L插件,用了它,你可以达到以下目的:



3.歌词显示区域与Ableton Live分离;





Version 1.2 update log:

1. Added the functionality to record and export dynamic lyrics in .lrc format, which allows you to easily create dynamic lyrics;

2. Modified the characters in the animation so that he?she? only dance when Ableton Live is playing, and he?she? will be stationary when playback stops.



2.修改动画中的人物为Ableton Live播放的时候才跳舞,停止播放的时候人物会静止。


Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Apr 12 2023 03:50:35
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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