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Name | Version: Tempo Tapper 1.0
Author: DarlingLee
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: We all know that when we click Tap in Ableton Live to measure the audio tempo, the measured tempo will be written in real time to the session tempo, which makes the sound beat chaotic and affects the memory of the beat.With this plugin, you can measure the audio tempo first and then write it to the session when it is confirmed. You can even do these operations automatically.

This plugin has the following features:
1. When there is no more tap within 3 seconds, the plugin interface will display “ready”, and you can start a new round of tempo measurement;
2. When you measure the speed to the fourth beat each time, there will be lights and sounds following the beat response, of course, you can click “S” to stop the response;
3.You can manually write Tap automation signals at the places where the audio beats hitting to achieve more accurate speed measurement and write it to the session.

我们都知道,Ableton Live中点击Tap来测定音频速度时,测出来的速度会实时写入工程的速度,这使得正在播放的声音节拍错乱,影响记忆中的节拍。通过这个插件,您可以先测量音频的速度,当确定无误后再写入到工程中。您甚至可以通过自动化的方式来进行这些操作。



Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Mar 10 2023 11:08:24
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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