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Name/Version: ArticulatOR Lite 4.2
Author: DarlingLee  
Description: This is the free version of ArticulatOR Pro. Please use this link to learn more about ArticulatOR Pro:

ArticulatOR Lite has the following features:

Supports display in Chinese and English.
Supports a maximum configuration of 16 articulations.
Supports control through Key, CC, and ProgramChange (supports mixed control).
Supports Hold Key function (solves the issue where certain articulation keys, such as in Ample Sound, activate only once and then revert to Sustain).
Supports MIDI learning function.
Compared to ArticulatOR Pro, it lacks the following features:
@ Up to 48 articulations can be configured.
@ 5 controllers to choose from: Key/CC/PC/MIDI Channel/Inst. Channel (Multi-Instrument Func).
@ Compatible with expression map files (.expressionmap files) for Cubase/Nuendo.
@ Multi-language support (you can easily create your own language file using Language File Maker.amxd).
@ Preset save/recall functionality.
@ Multi-instrument functionality (freely use up to 16 instrument plugins).
@ Latency fixer (can fix latency issues for virtual instruments from manufacturers like Cinematic Studio).
@ Key remapping functionality (can remap already configured articulations to note keys).
@ Temporary key-switch functionality (switches to corresponding articulation only when the Articulation key is pressed and returns to the base articulation when released).

这是ArticulatOR Pro的免费版本。请通过此链接了解ArticulatOR Pro:

ArticulatOR Lite具有以下功能:
4.支持Hold Key功能(解决某些乐器插件例如Ample Sound中的某些Articulation Key激活后,仅生效一次,随后变回Sustain的问题);

对比ArticulatOR Pro,缺少以下功能:
1. 最多可配置48种演奏技法;
2. 5种控制器可选:键位/CC/程序改变/MIDI通道/乐器通道(多乐器功能);
3. 兼容Cubase/Nuendo的表达映射文件(.expressionmap文件);
4. 多国语言支持(您可以使用Language File Maker.amxd轻松制作自己的语言文件);
5. 预设保存/调用功能;
6. 多乐器功能(可自由使用最多16个乐器插件);
7. 延迟修复器(可对例如Cinematic Studio等厂家的虚拟乐器的延迟问题进行修复;
8. 键位重映射功能(可对已配置好的演奏技法重新映射给音符键位);
9. 暂时性键位切换功能(仅当演奏技法键位按下时切换到对应演奏技法,松开时回归基础演奏技法);

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Tags synth, sampler, sequencer, effect, utility
Live Version Used: 12.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.6.0
Date Added: Mar 20 2024 10:29:16
Date Last Updated: Mar 21 2024 04:41:14
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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