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Name/Version: Tranz4ma 1.0.1
Author: AmanitaAudio  
Description: Tranz4ma is a MIDI note editor. More than 50 features, including:

- Randomise position, length, pitch, mute and velocity independently
- Randomise pitch in octaves or constrained to scale
- Snap, invert, transpose in scale
- Combine the melodies and rhythms of different groups of notes
- Strum patterns and ornamentation e.g. trills, glissandos, graces
- Randomly chop notes to create stutters, glitches
- Velocity orchestration
- Remap scales to keyboard keys
- Randomise and slice Session clips
- Batch process Session clips

A demo version is available, and it’s on sale until mid November for $49.

: )

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 14 2020 08:05:14
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


a tutorial video will be better

Videos are coming but I can't say how soon. A manual is included and all controls have Info Text. Happy to answer any questions too.
: )

wow! looking forward to try it. What will be the cost after november if I may ask?

^^ 79,- assuming itll be the crossed out price on the homepage.

ray can you list the demo limitations (would like to know before giving my email).


Yep $79 after November.


Sure, demo limitations are:

- Settings are not saved/recalled
- Parameter ranges are restricted *
- ?Rotate Right? is unavailable
- 30 second wait before start
- 15 minute time limit
- 20 of 77 factory scales are available?

* A few operations like Stamp and Gen Mod don't have parameters so they're fully functional. All the Ornament parameters are full range except semitones and velocity ramps.

The only email I'll send is updates, discounts, (quality) free stuff and instructional info about a device. And I prioritise fixing bugs over adding features and new products.

@ray thank you for the info, ill check out the demo 4sho :)

of course the one time I didn't copy/paste my last comment, and the page timed-out. Let's try again:

Hi Ray!
Tremendous work.

My concern is that some of these functions can be accomplished through scripting, and furthermore, Ableton must be well aware of the potential of the LOM. Is Max the real way to go? And do you think more of these features will eventually be integrated natively into clip view?

I purchased the Multiclip Editor and Midi Modulators from Isotonik Studios just before the release of Live 10, and sure enough Ableton featured a multi-clip view. Albeit, I think Live's implementation is non-functional. Nonetheless, how would you distinguish Trans4ma from the aforementioned devices, or the free
Selection Filter posted on this site? How would you compare your device in expediency and agility compared to a judicious use of the standard editing tools and shortcuts?

I approach Live from a performance perspective, and I like my decisions to be kinesthetic and musical. I'm often catching spur of the moment curiosities and improvisations. I just wish there was a way of staying away from the mouse/point-click tediousness of editing

I'm all for tools that make the horizontal stage of music making more snappy and inspiring.
In other words, constructing contrasting material, building out an arrangement and the like. Pattern and repetition is Live's forte, so working within the clip--the base currency of Live, despite all the things one can do with M4L, for example--is the way to go.

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