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Hey purchased this today, look like a really interesting device.
I've spent the past 20 minutes with it and it's confusing I'm also going through the manual but I'm not sure on the logic of the device. It's great that the info box supports the very graphical interface, but I'm doing some functions and they're not responding.
The manual is well written and I'm sure with some deep diving it can be figured out. But at an almost premium price it needs to be abit more translatable. It also gives an error message when on Live 11 so I don't think it's been updated, which should be mentioned too (but I might have missed that)
A video is absolutely essential for a device this complex and dynamic.
Looking forward to getting to know it better, I still believe in it's potential.

Thanks again

Have no idea what this actually does tbh, but I dig XO and Push 2 and anyway to inegrate and have them make friends I'm keen on. Will investigate, thanks for this!