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Name | Version: MFL Collection by The Covert Operators 1.2
Author: Vayner
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: -------------------------------------------------------
Note on 9 Februari 2017,

The Sixteen Macros device is discontinued and has been replaced with the Honey-Mapper. But I'll leave it up since it had some interesting bits of code.

This is a collection of our best MFL Devices. The package contains the Sixteen Macros, Snapshot Morpher, Clip Mapper and MIDI Note Editor devices.

Detailed info on how to operate the devices can be found inside the Help window of each device and by reading the Info Texts of the parameters on the devices.

Some devices come in a MIDI and Audio Effect version so that they can be used inside MIDI and Audio Effect Racks.

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2

- Snapshot Morpher updated to v2.0.22

- Fixed Automapping problems with Snapshot Morpher


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: May 08 2011 14:03:17
Date Last Updated: Feb 09 2017 08:54:20
Downloads: 5
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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thanks for your great devices, i think they are one of the most useful around.
ive got a problem with your 16 macros 2.0.
its workin without any problems on my apc but on my bitstream 3x it stops workin when i turn a knob a little bit faster.
i think the controller skips some values if i`m not slow enough.
i remember that i had the same problem with another patch which i fixed, but i don`t remember how?
can u help me out? its very important cause i play a live set on saturday and it would make life/live so much easier!!
thank you anyway and greetings from vienna
I'm noticing that there are different behaviors for the various types of controllers out there. It gets a bit tricky to debug it all with the controllers I have at hand.

Could you send me your address to b [@] please?
I'll send you a version that may fix the problem, though I can't test it myself.


- Bjorn
thank you very much! i will send my adress to
or what does this[] mean?
Cheers. Got your mail.

The [] is to prevent spambots gathering my address online ;)
Thanks, excellent stuff.

Snapshot Morpher is especially wonderful, the changing dials really vomit in the undo history though. I guess there's no workaround for that?

This is an overall issue with MFL. If I make those parameters hidden from Undo history, it also means you lose MIDI Control.
Its really stupid and the only workaround is to use OSC or hardwired MIDI CC's.

If Ableton/Cycling doesn't improve this situation, I may look into the hardwired option. Though that would require a dedicated MIDI Track. Or it could have its own MIDI Driver, but then it would only work on OSX.
Yes, I experimented this drop values when using knobs or (in my case pads with CC) too fast...Very frustrating :(
Hi there, is there any way to change names on the dials?


Just been having a play around and I've noticed something with the Clip Mapper. When mapping clips, it seems you already have to have a clip selected / highlighted and then click on the one you want to assign for it to work. Had me confused for ages so I thought I'd let you know! Otherwise a brilliant selection of devices, perfect for live use. Thank you.
Vayner, your site has been down for a while now and the link to this device is broken. I will send you an email to see if we can correct this but if it's not i'll have to delete this entry from the Library. Let me know how I can help.
great stuff
I have a question about Sixteen Macros.

I love the concept and need it for my live set - but if I use 3 of them, things start to mess up. Either my knobs on the APC40 mk2 will show as full when they should be minimum value, or yesterday for example i was turning knobs and it was moving on thew 16macros but the actual effect didnt notice the change until 3 mins later and then it went mental.

I have an audio 16,macros on a group of midi instruments and another 16 macros on a bus. Are there any workarounds or bug fixes? - Thanks
This is awesome I just created a Multiband Compressor/Saturator/Imager with this thing and with an AWESOME DSP as I used Phase inversion at every step of the way, if you could instill the Multimap feature(I mean map more than one parameter to the macros) inside the macros IT WOULD SAVE SO MUCH OF MY TIME :D, hoping for a next update.
Thanks a Ton!
Very nice stuff. Sixteen Macros does quite what I needed. (Well, not exactly: I'm actually looking for a Twentyfour Macros device to use with a BCR2000, but two of your devices should do the trick. :))

I have a problem though that makes it practically unusable. When I map a macro to a rotary encoder on the BCR2000, and turn it fast enough (it doesn't need an effort to achieve), the yellow "control awaiting pickup" message starts to flash (it appears and disappears very rapidly, it's hard to see) in the status bar of Live, and the control moves quite slow. My guess is that a MIDI feedback loop is created: the value is sent out by the BCR, it reaches the macro, and it's sent back to the BCR. The "awaiting pickup" message is generated when the value of the encoder is changed while the loop is not complete yet. This doesn't happen with any other native control in Live.

Another interesting thing is that when switching back and forth between two saved presets inside Sixteen Macros, only the value of the first parameter is sent out to the BCR2000, all the other mapped MIDI controls stay on the same value, even if the corresponding macro jumps back and forth as they should.

Do you have an idea how to address these issues? I know Max a bit, can help you with debugging if you need.
Additional info. 1. this doesn't happen when the macro is unmapped: it can be moved as fast as you want (but in this case you don't control anything obviously). 2. If you're fast enough it's possible to completely detach the hardware control from the macro, in which case the "awaiting pickup" message becomes permanent and clearly visible.
I've got the same problem as described by Szekelyisz, but I'm using a Novation Launchcontrol.

The only workaround I've found is to change the takeover mode in Ableton midi preferences: instead of "pickup", you have to choose "none" or "value scaling". The latency is gone.
Unfortunately doing so, if you haven't got continuos encoders, you are going to mess up easily all your previous parameters.

Your point about a midi feedback loop could be right; I tried to mess around a bit opening the patch, but I'm not that good to debug it.
I run into this problem that the values don't update back into the BCR2000 when i switch presets. It seems to only do the first 1 or 2 paramaters and its not very consistent.

I really wish it would update the knob positions in the presets.
I realise this is a plugin which hasn't been touched for over four years, but id like to give this topic a bump.
Similar to hydrogen, my controllers dont respond reliably to changes inside sixteen macros.
I use the presets too, basically as a channel selector - each preset has eq/comp/sends/fx for a given track, and selecting a track in ableton changes the preset in 16macros, giving me a dynamic channel strip for the track i have currently selected.
When it works, it's flipping amazing, but it rarely works. If two encoders follow the changes i'm lucky, usually one or two will work, rarely more.
If any devs want to revitalise this project, or if covert ops are reading, please give this plugin a refesh! Or, let us know that it aint gonna happen...
If there are any alternatives out there, i cant find them. And ive looked!

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