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I realise this is a plugin which hasn't been touched for over four years, but id like to give this topic a bump.
Similar to hydrogen, my controllers dont respond reliably to changes inside sixteen macros.
I use the presets too, basically as a channel selector - each preset has eq/comp/sends/fx for a given track, and selecting a track in ableton changes the preset in 16macros, giving me a dynamic channel strip for the track i have currently selected.
When it works, it's flipping amazing, but it rarely works. If two encoders follow the changes i'm lucky, usually one or two will work, rarely more.
If any devs want to revitalise this project, or if covert ops are reading, please give this plugin a refesh! Or, let us know that it aint gonna happen...
If there are any alternatives out there, i cant find them. And ive looked!

This device is great - i'm using it to get a sostenuto effeect on synths that don't support it!

The patch however doesn't pass pitchbend data through - I edited the patch to do that, but the pitch bend information was applied globally, to held notes etc, which is not how it would best work.

It seems that the midihold.js file will need to be edited to take pitchbend data.

Could the m4l patch possibly be updated to include this?

This device is amazing! thankyou.
I am trying to remove selectedtrackcontrol ( and get a free control surface slot - your device is very close to a replacement!
unfortunately the 'reset-scene' button cannot be assigned to a macro like the 'record/play' and 'precedent' & 'suivant' buttons. is it possible?
Thanks again for a great plugin!