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Hi Prizzle9,

You need to select the parameters on the device itself. Up to 128 plugin parameters can be mapped that way. It won't work if you select it on the plugin GUI.
If no parameters are exposed in the device view, click on the Configure button on the top-right of the device view. Then any parameters that you change from the GUI will also be visible. You can even drag them around and change the automapping order.

I hope this helps.



Hi Pranavakazack,

You need to add a Honey Mapper for each parameter you want to map. If you want to control 8 things with 1 Macro, you need 8 Honey Mappers set to Macro 1.

Hi Novaliz,

There is no limit really. But you need to work in "banks" of 8. Each Rack can be considered a Bank and you can have as many of those as you like.

The main advantage of using the Macros from Rack devices is that it updates your controllers without fail. When a device is selected, it sends out its current values.
So the equivalent of the preset system on Sixteen Macros is just selecting a different Rack (Bank).

This is an overall issue with MFL. If I make those parameters hidden from Undo history, it also means you lose MIDI Control.
Its really stupid and the only workaround is to use OSC or hardwired MIDI CC's.

If Ableton/Cycling doesn't improve this situation, I may look into the hardwired option. Though that would require a dedicated MIDI Track. Or it could have its own MIDI Driver, but then it would only work on OSX.

Cheers. Got your mail.

The [] is to prevent spambots gathering my address online ;)

I'm noticing that there are different behaviors for the various types of controllers out there. It gets a bit tricky to debug it all with the controllers I have at hand.

Could you send me your address to b [@] please?
I'll send you a version that may fix the problem, though I can't test it myself.


- Bjorn

No, renaming is currently not possible. It may come in a future update.

Hi St235

I'll have to look into this. Don't have controllers at hand that aren't endless encoders, but I'll see if I can reproduce the problem.

Hi Rezo,

You use live.object to get the path of the current ID. Then you feed that path into live.path. If the device is deleted, you'll get an "id 0" out of the middle outlet of live.path.

Just unfreeze the device, you'll find it in a folder on your desktop. This file can then be loaded into the bpatcher max object.

Hi Rezo,

Its a Dial wrapped inside a patch with heaps of code inside it. It just looks like a regular dial, but it contains all the code needed to make it control something. All it needs is a parameter ID. The second inlet is for OSC input.

- Bjorn

That object should be part of your Max 5.1.8 installation. Could you try uninstalling Max and installing it again? Its not unheard off that the Max install didn't go right on the first go.


- Bjorn

Hi Xyzt,

Did you set up your IP address in the help panel?
It is required to get data from the computer to your phone.


- Bjorn

If you right-click on a device title, it has the option to open the Max Window.
You'll see a bunch of orange live.thisdevice notices, but I'm especially interested if there are any Red notices. "This xxx can not be triggered by notifications" would be a bad one.

If anybody with this problem has a few spare minutes to help me find the issue, send a mail to "b [@]".


- Bjorn Vayner

What happens if you click on a device parameter when Learn Mode is on. Any errors in the Max window?