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Additional info. 1. this doesn't happen when the macro is unmapped: it can be moved as fast as you want (but in this case you don't control anything obviously). 2. If you're fast enough it's possible to completely detach the hardware control from the macro, in which case the "awaiting pickup" message becomes permanent and clearly visible.

Very nice stuff. Sixteen Macros does quite what I needed. (Well, not exactly: I'm actually looking for a Twentyfour Macros device to use with a BCR2000, but two of your devices should do the trick. :))

I have a problem though that makes it practically unusable. When I map a macro to a rotary encoder on the BCR2000, and turn it fast enough (it doesn't need an effort to achieve), the yellow "control awaiting pickup" message starts to flash (it appears and disappears very rapidly, it's hard to see) in the status bar of Live, and the control moves quite slow. My guess is that a MIDI feedback loop is created: the value is sent out by the BCR, it reaches the macro, and it's sent back to the BCR. The "awaiting pickup" message is generated when the value of the encoder is changed while the loop is not complete yet. This doesn't happen with any other native control in Live.

Another interesting thing is that when switching back and forth between two saved presets inside Sixteen Macros, only the value of the first parameter is sent out to the BCR2000, all the other mapped MIDI controls stay on the same value, even if the corresponding macro jumps back and forth as they should.

Do you have an idea how to address these issues? I know Max a bit, can help you with debugging if you need.