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Name | Version: Microtonic with XO 1.3
Author: xanadu
Device Type: Instrument
Description: It’s all about repetition and creating variation.

I’ve always liked Microtonic and now there is XO. Two great drum VST’s that are technically miles apart. This MaxForLive project combines them into a device that is more than just the sum of the two.

XO is all about samples. Microtonic is a drum synth, no sample in sight. These are two worlds that will never meet. But wait. From every Microtonic preset a sample can be made. This is the first step. We select a set of MTDRUM and MTPRESET files to make WAV’s. My set has about 6.500 presets; the automated process that makes a WAV file of all of them takes about 6 hours. The good news is that this has to be done only once.

Then XO comes in to analyze these samples. After that Microtonic and XO are at the same level. Every WAV in the XO database corresponds with a preset for Microtonic. The XO database is standard SQLite and not encrypted, cudo’s to XLN! Now we can make drumsets in XO from the Microtonic samples and import them back into Microtonic.

Microtonic uses the XO database to select the presets that belong to the samples. It also selects 7 others per preset that sound just a little bit different. You can morph between these presets while playing live to create variation. Just like in XO you can filter on length, frequency, type and ’drumminess’.

Both Microtonic and XO have 8 pads. Their VST’s are embedded in the same MaxForLive device. This combines into a drumrack with a total of 16 pads with MIDI notes ranging from 36 to 51 (C1 to D#2). By default the first 8 trigger the Microtonic and the upper 8 trigger the XO, but you can swap these for each pad separately.

This time coding MaxForlive has grown into a complete drumrack solution with access to 8 separate drumtracks. In all places where needed there is a dedicated MaxForLive device. All of these devices are contained in this package.

This project is for you if you have fully working versions of both MicroTonic and XO. A Push 2 will help to operate it, but is not needed for any function. To avoid copyright issues no part from SonicCharge’s MicroTonic or XLN’s XO is included in this package.

I’m considering two additions to do in the future:
1. Add Push 2 functionality for the XO
2. Add a way to save the drumsets you make, including import of MIDI from XO patterns.
I’m not much of a musician myself. What I have in mind is improvising with this project with Novation Circuit playing the melodic parts. It should become an Electribe on steroids. It will be all about repetition and subtle movements, no saving is needed in this stage. In Holland, april 2020, we have what is called an ‘intelligent lockdown’. This means I can go where I like if I want to. But we are advised to stay at home if we don’t need to be outdoors. A great majority of people, including myself, behaves this way. This means I will have a lot of time in the months to come to play with this project and improve on it. This is the first working version and I’m looking forward to read what you think of it.

This package comes with a 24 page manual to explain all functionality. There a lot going on in this project, perhaps you can pick up some ideas for yourself, even if you don’t have both MicroTonic and XO.


Live Version Used: 10.1.9
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Apr 24 2020 12:23:13
Date Last Updated: Apr 27 2020 09:22:05
Downloads: 1425
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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In version 1.1 I've reworked the manual, correcting typo's and making it more comprehensible (i hope). Being a Dutchman, writing in English is somewhat error prone.
I haven't even read the description and I already like what I see enough to blindly add XO and figure out what you are talking about!
Bugfixes. Microtonic with XO is now updated to version 1.2.

There was an error in javascript which prevented analysis of Microsonic presets in some cases.

The file creator tried to write files to the folders 'Closed Hihat' and 'Open Hihat'. These folders were named 'Open Hat' and 'Open Hat'. Instead of throwing an error the files were actually written to 'C:/Program Files/Cycling '74/Max 8'. Please remove all .WAV files in your Max installation folder and rename the 'Closed Hat' and 'Open Hihat' folders. Then run the Microtonic Sample Creator again from the updated download version 1.2.
Wow. That is all.
Any chance of making the Microtonic .wav converter Mac compatible?
Sorry, I've got no Mac.
Hi, I have loaded the Max Instrument, the Microtonic VST, scan drums but I cant generate the Save Samples script.
The log reads js: js: no function exists [file_exists]
I can send you the log if you want.
Thanks and Regards.
Have no idea what this actually does tbh, but I dig XO and Push 2 and anyway to inegrate and have them make friends I'm keen on. Will investigate, thanks for this!
Hi, I downloaded this, but the manual is based on Windows machines, could you make an updated version on how to set this up on a Mac, because I can't figure this out. Would love to try this out since I got both plugins, but it is far too complicated to find out how to set this up for Mac. Appreciate your work though, would be nice to get there finally, but I am not going to spend an entire day trying to find out how to set this up without getting a result. That is why I man reaching out to you, and don't worry about your English I have seen worse, your manual looks pretty good, coming from another Dutchman hahahahaha.
Sorry dutchpitch,

I only have a bunch op Windows machines, no Apple computer. My advice is to buy a cheap Windows machine too, perhaps a virtual machine will do.


This sounds like such a wicked, madcap idea to bridge worlds! Like others, just wish it worked on Mac. :)

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