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Name/Version: LFOi 1.2.1
Author: mganss  
Description: LFOi is another fork of Live's LFO device. It adds more options to the random mode:

- Interpolation modes: Linear, Cosine, Cubic, Spline, Hermite (courtesy of the wave~ object)
- Random walk mode with configurable step size
- Fold modes clip, wrap, and fold for random walk (pong~ object)
- Configurable output rate (downsampling) for lower CPU usage
- Additional steps for beat-synced rate (stolen from LFO10 by Lokua ;)

The bias and tension parameters are only relevant when the Hermite interpolation mode is selected.

The step size parameter is only relevant when random walk mode is selected.

In random walk mode, successive random values are either a step up or down from the previous value or stay the same, e.g. if the current value is 0.5 and step size is 0.1, the next value will be either 0.4, 0.5, or 0.6.

Fold mode selects what happens in random walk mode if the value exceeds the range: In clip mode the value will be set to either the max or min value (e.g. if the next value would be 1.1, it will be set to 1.0). In fold mode, the value will be "folded back" into the range of valid values (e.g. if the next value would be 1.1, it will be set to 0.9). In wrap mode, the value will wrap around (e.g. if the next value would be 1.1, it will be set to 0.1).

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Downloads: 1295
Tags lfo
Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Dec 20 2018 18:08:41
Date Last Updated: Apr 16 2019 16:38:23
Average Rating (4) 3
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: LFOi.amxd


this thing just destroyed my download moves files around to new whole current download directory is scrambled 1000 files moved form their original directory to some "patches " code" "data"..etc directories. if you are going to install this, by dragging the .amxd file to it from a empty directory.

268GB of data scrambled now in my download folder...months in time lost..take this thing down now and fix it FFS. So no one else does this.

Sorry, fixed in version 1.1. Max seems to do this automatically when the project setting "Keep project folder organized" is enabled.

Wow what the fuck happened ?
Did it moved every max patch to my download folder ?
Did it copied them ?

@telkmx Did you use v1.1? If so, can you provide steps to repro?

seems to work now in the new version 1.1. (only tested running it from a temp directory with a few filetypes this time) What happened to me was that every file in my download directory was "reorganized" all my mp3's (that previously where in folders with the name of the artist) are in one big folder together with bassdrum samples and snaredrum samples in one new directory in my download folder...this happened after i ran version 1.0..but it seems to be fixed now...seems to be a "feature" in max4live as mganss explained with the "keep files organized" thing. I used to just drag and drop max4live files info my ableton project right from the download i copy them to a separate folder first just in case.

cool random feature on this LFO...would be even cooler if the setup for the random LFO was on a "flip-out" page so that we could still see the oscilloscope when changing modes and interpolation.

oh shit, THAT'S what happened. Yeah, bad on me for not sorting my Downloads folder as often, but this REALLY tore apart my Downloads folder.

And no, there's no way to put it all back UGH. What a mess.

Version 1.1 works fantastically - I would second the comment above regarding a UI that allows for more information when using the random mode.
Could you also explain the different parameters in random mode?

if a parameter is mapped to an ableton instrument, transport is running, LFO is on a random waveform, you can hardcrash ableton consistently by deleting the m4l device.

The settings for random mode now flip out to the side in v1.2 (click the little dot next to Random to toggle settings).

@hatyn I can't repro. Which version of Live are you using? Can you provide steps to repro (preferably based on a fresh set)?

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