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LFO Chance Version 1.1
Midi to EQ8 Version 1.1
LFO HoldWithNote Version 1.1
LFO Version 3.1

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Hey, I mapped LFO's to the X and Y on the left, but it's only giving changing output with XYmapRadius... The other outputs are just static whatever I do. Maybe I miss the point :')

great idea and device! when functioning, but it can very buggy... somehow stops working when exporting, and sometimes doesn't let audio true in Live 11.

from experience, this can be a big problem when using in live performances

Cool idea! I don't see the mapping menu's in Live 11 though

Awesome device mganss! Love the random walk feature.

But it does indeed copy files it uses (to the downloads folder in this case), being the icons it uses, MapButton.maxpat, multimap, Advanced Settings.maxpat... Not sure to install the device to my MaxForLive folder, afraid of the trouble it might bring.

I'm using Max 8.1.3, and the latest Ableton, 10.1.14. How can I help with a repro?

Cool idea, but can't get the LFO working. Also Input Gain doesn't do anything, maybe it has something to do with that?


Welcome! !

your devices are fucking awesome!

Thanks mubali!

haha well here's a first update, with multiply ratio and response to pitch bend

cool idea, but definitely not worth the 10 dollar yet..

- on random mode totally fills your undo history
- no adjustments possible for how big the buffer is, where you fill the buffer and when you stop recording
- recording button still looks activated after recording is done

for now i'd say it would fit a free beta

Love this device!!

Doesn't correctly save the mappings in my set up though. Don't have this with the MonoParaSteppa...

(OSX + Ableton 10)


Cool device. Can't control the pitch though, through the Max midi ports.. Created a midi channel, midi to Max 1, in the device set from Max 1.. am I missing something?

OSX + Ableton 10

Great device! Like the fine grained knobs as well

dric, great device!

Guess it's the Max update, but Ableton doesn't save the multislider settings, neither when saving them in the preset object.

Tried a lot of options, but can't seem to get that working..