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Name | Version: Midi to EQ8 1.1
Author: jzjzjz
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Very basic device to control an EQ8 filter frequency with an incoming midi note.

Optional multiply ratio and pitch bend responsiveness

Will soon be updated with mapping for Ableton's Frequency Shifter and AutoFilter.

For whatever you think it's worth:


Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.2
Date Added: Apr 05 2020 21:54:09
Date Last Updated: Jun 06 2020 16:18:30
Downloads: 2427
License: None
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Device File: Midi to EQ8 1.1.amxd


i would cream my pants if this thing received pitch-bend data... you are making the lord's work!
haha well here's a first update, with multiply ratio and response to pitch bend
N O W A Y ! ! !
i'm gonna need some tissues... thanks, man!!! looking forward to subsequent updates, but this alone is absolutely massive; keep'em coming!
This is great. I was looking for something like that for a while. I use it with TDR Nova. Had to map bands to macros and limit frequencies to 22kHz (in Nova max is 40kHz), but still, it works like a charm. Thank you very much!
hi, this only works on the same tarck as the instrument and eq are, correct? it is not possible to work cross tracks? thanks
So sick! Thx you. It would be even cooler to have this map to ProQ3.
ah it works with proq3! SICKCKCK

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