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seems to work now in the new version 1.1. (only tested running it from a temp directory with a few filetypes this time) What happened to me was that every file in my download directory was "reorganized" all my mp3's (that previously where in folders with the name of the artist) are in one big folder together with bassdrum samples and snaredrum samples in one new directory in my download folder...this happened after i ran version 1.0..but it seems to be fixed now...seems to be a "feature" in max4live as mganss explained with the "keep files organized" thing. I used to just drag and drop max4live files info my ableton project right from the download i copy them to a separate folder first just in case.

cool random feature on this LFO...would be even cooler if the setup for the random LFO was on a "flip-out" page so that we could still see the oscilloscope when changing modes and interpolation.

268GB of data scrambled now in my download folder...months in time lost..take this thing down now and fix it FFS. So no one else does this.

this thing just destroyed my download moves files around to new whole current download directory is scrambled 1000 files moved form their original directory to some "patches " code" "data"..etc directories. if you are going to install this, by dragging the .amxd file to it from a empty directory.