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Name/Version: CCMapper - MIDI CC Mapper and Modulator 1.3.3
Author: flec8  
Description: CC Mapper facilitates realtime MIDI CC modulation and automation with the ability to control up to twenty-four external CCs. The CCMapper comes equipped with CC Learn buttons, four modulation sources, a realtime program change parameter and thirty preset slots.
The CC Mapper also contains extensive MIDI mapping capabilities for external controllers and Live’s rack macro systems.

Manual Here:

tags: control change, cc, midi, utility, mapping

1.3 Update
- Fixed issue with Expand CC transmission
- Fixed issue with duplicate CC values flooding some MIDI devices
- Removed pattr storage as it caused to many issues. Just save your setup as a device preset in Live to manage mappings
- Added Wander Alter type

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Downloads: 3655
Tags lfo, effect, utility, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Nov 12 2018 21:29:38
Date Last Updated: Jan 13 2022 07:11:01
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: CCMapper v1.3.3.amxd


Thank you! Looking forward to setting this up to control my East West libraries :)

Hi! Really great tool! Can you please add bank change functionalty. And may be some sort of NRPN.

Excellent with Emu e6400 Ultra nice one

Labels don't show up after restarting the project/drag'n'drop from pre-saved configuration (for example, from User Library) or after loading a preset. If I copy my labeled device to another track of the same project, they won't show up either.
Ableton 10.3.1

^ 10.1.3 of course. And thank you for the device, it helps a lot, but it's really puzzling to remember all the parameters without labels.

v1.1 update

The main 8 labels on the device should now be stored with the presets/pgm save/recall.

Working on getting the EXPAND labels working the same next

v1.2 update

Labels and settings now properly save across expand and alter sections.
Removed bank read/write as it's sort of redundant with Live's max device presets.

Hi, at first, thanks for absolutely great MAX device! I am using latest version (1.2) running under Live 11, but there are no save/load buttons for Presets section so presets cannot be used. Could you please check? Thanks!

Same problem with Live 11 as AbSynth, no save/load buttons... presets not recalling properly...any update?

Hi, this is a great device.
I have an issue with it though: controls in the EXPAND window do not emit any MIDI data. I had to load 6 instances of the plugin instead of 2 to achieve what I wanted.
I'm using Live 10.1.41.

Cheers !

Hey all, apologies for the delays in addressing some of the feedback.

EXPAND is now working again and I've fixed an issue reported about MIDI flooding. I've also removed the preset storage, so instead just save your setup as a device preset in Live. It will be much more reliable this way :)

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