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DUSTYRUSTY granular cross synthesis sampler Version 1.1

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I just bought the device - it works fine in Ableton, but when I render it messes up all my MIDI. I couldn't find any contact info on Gumroad, so I'm writing here...

Can you help me out?

Went here to ask for more slots, and was happy to see that you have already added 10 more - thank you for this device. I'm using it a lot with EastWest products :)

Thank you! Looking forward to setting this up to control my East West libraries :)

Aand the pitch bug is gone

Haha, yeah the comments are only for the lucky few :p Thanks for letting me know about the bug - will fix it later today.

Great device, really love the all the difrerent types of steps, especially the "double time ones". Would be great to have this as an audio device, so it easily can be used for parameters on audio tracks. Cheers from Denmark.

Wow, this is really great stuff! However, I would REALLY like some kind of manual/tutorial to fully understand all the parameters :)

Cool. It would be a nice feature being able to select the frequency range all the way up to 96 KHz, so you can see if there's anything interesting hiding in 192 KHz recording :)

Thank you! Are the parameters explained anywhere, or could you do that? Cheers