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Name | Version: DUSTYRUSTY granular cross synthesis sampler 1.1
Author: audiobits
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Make some crazy sounds with this granular, cross synthesis, ring modulation, pitch shifting sampler with a hint of additive synthesis.

I’ve had success using a mix of music sample and monophonic instrument samples to create some dusty scary 30s sounds. Probably better for evolving drones than playing melodies, but who knows what you’ll be able to do? Enjoy!


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Oct 31 2018 19:19:02
Date Last Updated: Nov 01 2018 12:03:53
Downloads: 1
License: Attribution
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Nice one! You've got a small bug that affects playability a bit, where note-offs also sends out on [r ---midipitch], I'd suggest stripnoting them so that overlapping notes don't make weird pitch jumps :)
Oh, and it's cool to find danish in max patches, you don't see that a lot on the interwebs.
Haha, yeah the comments are only for the lucky few :p Thanks for letting me know about the bug - will fix it later today.
Aand the pitch bug is gone
Really nice, I liked it a lot, thanks!

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