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Devices by flec8

Simple Octave Version 1.1
ARC4 Mapper Version 2.0
Burden - A Text Based Adventure Version 0.2
cloud - ambient synthesizer Version 2.1
QuadSFT MIDI Version 1.0
QuadSFT - Quad Pitch Shifter Version 1.0
CamiCom - Chiptune Synthesizer Version 1.0
MIDI Input Monitor Version 1.0
Mute Them All Version 1.0
TextPro Version 2.1
CCMapper - MIDI CC Mapper and Modulator Version 1.2
DrawFm v2 Version 2.0
VelociMaptor Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 15,246

Comments by flec8


See the v2.0 documentation here

v1.2 update

Labels and settings now properly save across expand and alter sections.
Removed bank read/write as it's sort of redundant with Live's max device presets.

v1.1 update

The main 8 labels on the device should now be stored with the presets/pgm save/recall.

Working on getting the EXPAND labels working the same next

"Esc" or "Cancel" are now a hard app exit.

Just added Esc = quit.