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Simple Octave Version 1.1
ARC4 Mapper Version 2.0
Burden - A Text Based Adventure Version 0.2
cloud - ambient synthesizer Version 2.1
QuadSFT MIDI Version 1.0
QuadSFT - Quad Pitch Shifter Version 1.0
CamiCom - Chiptune Synthesizer Version 1.0
MIDI Input Monitor Version 1.0
Mute Them All Version 1.0
TextPro Version 2.1
CCMapper - MIDI CC Mapper and Modulator Version 1.3.3
DrawFm v2 Version 2.0
VelociMaptor Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 16,275

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Hey all, apologies for the delays in addressing some of the feedback.

EXPAND is now working again and I've fixed an issue reported about MIDI flooding. I've also removed the preset storage, so instead just save your setup as a device preset in Live. It will be much more reliable this way :)

See the v2.0 documentation here

v1.2 update

Labels and settings now properly save across expand and alter sections.
Removed bank read/write as it's sort of redundant with Live's max device presets.

v1.1 update

The main 8 labels on the device should now be stored with the presets/pgm save/recall.

Working on getting the EXPAND labels working the same next

"Esc" or "Cancel" are now a hard app exit.

Just added Esc = quit.