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Name/Version: TextPro 2.1
Author: flec8  
Description: TextPro provides a dynamic system for displaying text synced to MIDI note information. It can
be used as a teleprompter or cueing device during live performances, a display for the
audience and more! Features include the ability to assign velocity values to background
colour, edit and save text directly inside and change text settings in realtime.

Video demo here:

Manual here:

v2.0 Update

You can now use MIDI Program messages to seek to higher line indexes up to 1024 lines

Pgm 1: C-2 to G8 = Lines 1 to 128
Pgm 2: C-2 to G8 = Lines 129 to 256
Pgm 3: C-2 to G8 = Lines 256 to 384
Pgm 4: C-2 to G8 = Lines 385 to 512
Pgm 5: C-2 to G8 = Lines 513 to 640
Pgm 6: C-2 to G8 = Lines 641 to 896
Pgm 7: C-2 to G8 = Lines 897 to 1024

See the v2.0 documentation here

v2.1 Update
Changed default video window position to center of screen

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Downloads: 985
Tags video, utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Nov 12 2018 21:02:45
Date Last Updated: Oct 05 2021 06:36:59
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: TextPro v2-1.amxd


See the v2.0 documentation here

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