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Name/Version: POLYSCALE 1.0
Author: gadbaruch  
Description: Here is a tutorial:

The Scale Master/Slave are a pair of midi tools deigned for
global control of the harmony structure in your midi arrangements.

Giving you a fast way to change the chord progressions of your entire song in real time without the need to rewrite or move around midi notes. POLYSCALE liberates the creative mind to experiment with different harmonic movements which can be easily be applied by using any midi input.

created by Gad Baruch Hinkis
Graphic design by Charlotte Sauvaget.
With big gratitude To Tom Whiston
for programming of the ASCTscaler object
check out his work at

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Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Mar 24 2015 17:01:38
Date Last Updated: May 27 2021 08:33:38
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


This looks like a great tools- thanks for making this available.... However I'm hitting a few problems with the PolyScale Slave.amxd crashing. I can load a master into a new set but everytime i load the slave, Ableton crashes - even the included als file crashes. Not sure what the issue is - I've tried lots of things but the slave.amxd crashes everytime. Really interested in trying it out - anyone else having issues? Any ideas?

My set-up:

Windows 7 64 bit 8GB RAM
Ableton 9.1.7
Max for live 6.1.9

Many thanks

Hi Davey!
thank you for your message.
we created special max objects for this patch, and there are different ones for windows and mac, this might be the problem.

please download this file

unzip, and use the content to replace the files with the same name
located in your max "externals" library.
im not sure how to do this on windows but you should be able to figure it out.

the files ending with .mxe and .mxe64 extensions, are supposed to work for windows. please let me know if this works for you.

good luck!

Thanks Gad - I've had a go but still no joy - I've downloaded the files and installed them here on a PC (which looks like the right place):

C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 6.1\Cycling '74\m4l-externals

(I also added the files to all the other externals directories just in case)

I didn't overwrite any other files as I had no other copies of the .mxe and .mxe64 ASCT files in any of those directories. Does the device need to be rebuilt in some way to account for these new files - would placing them in that directory be enough?

My Max knowledge is limited to just using the devices at the moment - but happy to help if I can.


HEY! sorry for the hassle.
we will work to fix the problem and will inform you through the newsletter u signed up for when we have a working version for windows.

best wishes

I'm on windows and it works fine apart from some issues with the presets.

Was this just updated on April 3rd? Will you be sending out an update link via email? Because I've already offered my name/email address when I first downloaded it.

just to confirm the crash problem appear only with live x64 on windows

with the slave device

I'm on live 9.2 x64 max 7.2 x64 win 7 x64 & the slave does not crash for me.

hmmm perhaps a max 6.1 x64 incompatibility?

Hi all :)
thank you so much for helping to figure this out!
we will send a mail soon.

if anybody is reading this and has the slave device crash live,
please write here your full OS and software versions.

we are also putting together a short tutorial in the next days
so if you gave us your email we will be in contact soon

Thanks again!

Any update on this? a tutorial vid would be great.

Hey Yall sorry for the big delay
here is a tutorial.

just like to say I have been using this alot & finding it really useful. I hope you continue to develop.

I have the same problem with the slave device in Ableton Live 9.6.1 and Max for Live 7


hi i got the same slave crash pb, I copied the ASCTscaler file but it still crashes...

my system:
windows 7
Max 7.3.0
Live 9.7.3

I just subscribed to the newsletter, is there any way I can make this work, it seems to fit exactly what I want to do.



Hey @ovrdr and everyone else, for support please write me at

Not sure i can solve this but lets have a go.

Meanwhile. if you like my tools, please try my new music app:
POLYJAMER (only for iOS atm)

Stay blessed.

Hey Gad thx for the reply, not sure my email went through, so I'll answer here

I tried several Scale send/filter systems but i want to feed the master scale in real time with 3 random pitch/rythm notes, and your device seems to be perfect for this...

please tell me if you come up with a solution for the crash in windows with the filter device (ASCTscaler file?)...

thx for the nice work


(and polyjamer is not available for me yet since I'm a pc user , would love to try it though...)

Hi Gad

This is still my all time favorite device.

Can make a chimp on a keyboard (or even me) sound like Mozart.

Hi Gad, is this compatible with Ableton 11? Can't seem to get the slave to work as usual, master is fine. Thanks a lot, super useful device!

Please make this Apple Silicon compatible

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