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Hey @ovrdr and everyone else, for support please write me at

Not sure i can solve this but lets have a go.

Meanwhile. if you like my tools, please try my new music app:
POLYJAMER (only for iOS atm)

Stay blessed.

Hey Yall sorry for the big delay
here is a tutorial.

Hi all :)
thank you so much for helping to figure this out!
we will send a mail soon.

if anybody is reading this and has the slave device crash live,
please write here your full OS and software versions.

we are also putting together a short tutorial in the next days
so if you gave us your email we will be in contact soon

Thanks again!

HEY! sorry for the hassle.
we will work to fix the problem and will inform you through the newsletter u signed up for when we have a working version for windows.

best wishes

Hi Davey!
thank you for your message.
we created special max objects for this patch, and there are different ones for windows and mac, this might be the problem.

please download this file

unzip, and use the content to replace the files with the same name
located in your max "externals" library.
im not sure how to do this on windows but you should be able to figure it out.

the files ending with .mxe and .mxe64 extensions, are supposed to work for windows. please let me know if this works for you.

good luck!

hi Diego! great stuff,

i was wondering if you have been keeping on experimenting with the sigmund obj and if you have any way to read multiple notes simultaneously like to dissect a chord over time..


here is the first tutorial
please inform me of any bugs or problems.

thanks for your comment, will try to make and upload a tutorial today. check out the forum again tonight or tomorrow.

don't put the scaler after the polyarp in the same channel. instead, put it before the polyarp, or, on a different midi channel and activate the "scaler" button on the polyarp, the 2 devices will communicate regardless.

thanks for your comment. i think that the javascript should work, cause the devices are frozen, please try to work with the "Live Scaler" and the "PolyArp" with the scaler button on. make sure u feed in the notes into the live scaler device so you get notes output from the polyarp. if its not working then ill upload the .js file