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Name/Version: PolyJam Midi Tools 1.0
Author: gadbaruch  
Description: PolyJam midi tools is a midi effects bundle consisting of 3 midi note generators and 1 native note scaling device that are designed for live performances and new way of composition. keeping a flexible and smart way of being always in scale.

PolyArp - A unique and very flexible Arpeggiator.

PolyStep - A one of a kind fully mappable step sequencer with lots of tricks.

MonoStep - A simple 1 note generator.

PolyJam Live Scaler - A native scale device that works remotely for all the PolyJam Tools, just put one instance of this in the live project, and all the midi tools will obey your scale, that you can feed live into the Live Scaler.

This is the first version of this product, demonstrations and videos will follow, please take time to read the manual, and let me know if there are any problems.

Thanks to Tom Whiston for the Javascript coding.

These devices were built and designed by Gad Baruch Hinkis 2013 Berlin.

check out the tutorial in the link below.

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Downloads: 4239
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Date Added: Oct 25 2013 19:54:57
Date Last Updated: Nov 02 2013 14:01:48
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Device File: PolyJam Midi


Thanks for this great device but the javascript is missing in the pack...

thanks for your comment. i think that the javascript should work, cause the devices are frozen, please try to work with the "Live Scaler" and the "PolyArp" with the scaler button on. make sure u feed in the notes into the live scaler device so you get notes output from the polyarp. if its not working then ill upload the .js file

Thanks for answer....
polyarp working but no sound after thru polyjam scaler...

don't put the scaler after the polyarp in the same channel. instead, put it before the polyarp, or, on a different midi channel and activate the "scaler" button on the polyarp, the 2 devices will communicate regardless.

Hello! Thank you for developing these tools. I have the scaler before the polyarp in a track. When I press the play button on the polyarp I can't seem to get any output, either with or without scaler selected. Could you please post a simple tutorial or tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

thanks for your comment, will try to make and upload a tutorial today. check out the forum again tonight or tomorrow.

here is the first tutorial
please inform me of any bugs or problems.

Thank you!

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